Where you’re going, there are no sleeping pills.

There are no alarm clocks.

There’s no 3am stressing, tossing and turning.

There’s only deep, beautiful, sleep.

  • I was able to finally have a good night’s rest from day one!

    Tiane Tuliao
    Tiane Tuliao Graphic Designer

Not sleeping sucks, doesn’t it?


It’s the middle of the night, and there you are, staring at the ceiling.

Glancing at your clock.

Trying to make your mind a blank. (It’s not working.)

Secretly hating the person you love, because they’re peacefully snoring next to you — and taking up ¾ of the bed

Dreading the sound of birds chirping, and you know it’s coming soon.

Knowing you’ll have bags under your eyes again, and no amount of concealer can fake a healthy glow.

 Worse, you know what your day will look like.

Because you know how important sleep is. (Thanks, Google! Thanks, Ariana Huffington!)

You know that without sleep, you’re guaranteed to:

Forget things — before working with me, one client of mine forgot her skirt and left the house in her pantyhose.

Screw up details — because sleep deprivation causes false memories. How humiliating when you space on that appointment, or drive home without picking up your kid from kindergarten

Leave a zero off an invoice — what an awkward conversation to have: “I meant to charge you 1000% more.”

Weigh many pounds more — because no sleep = no will power = hello ice cream and see ya later, gym

Function at 40% capacity, at best — meaning you can’t finish a single task, you can’t finish a sentence, and you certainly can’t lead that team you painstakingly brought together and pay through the nose for

Not sleeping isn’t just costing you money. It’s costing you everything.

But you don’t have to worry about all that anymore.

I’m here to help you sleep all night, every night in a way you have never encountered before.

I care about YOU, your integrity, your health and your future.

This goes way beyond treating a symptom with sleeping pills or generic suggestions.

Imagine falling asleep when you hit the pillow, and waking up like this:

Without an alarm, because yours is built in for the exact time you want to get up

–  So refreshed, you feel like Superwoman after a wheatgrass shot

–  Immune to the little things that would bug you, like that colleague’s ring tone

–  Joining the elite club of people who grin like idiots all day for now reason

–  Alert, sharp, and looking forward to your workday like it’s a beach vacation

– And losing weight in the process!


Welcome to my online & local practice!

Christine Hansen

I am Christine Hansen, your holistic sleep strategist & coach. I am a Spencer Institute Certified Sleep Science Coach, a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and have been trained in the Holistic Science of Sleep and became certified in the Sleep Sense method.

Together we will help your body and mind get back into balance and have sleep come to you easily, naturally, night after night without popping pills.

You sit back & relax and I will come up with a bespoke strategy, including what you can eat to favour sleep and pamper your gut (which is where 80% of your sleep hormone is produced by the way), how you can get a grip on that racing mind that is so inconvenient (to say the least) at 2 am and how you can supplement your nutrition, should you want to.

To do so I am not taking a generic approach, but I follow a tried and tested lifestyle protocol, customized to your needs AND I am offering you the possibility to have lab work done which will present us with all the healing opportunities we need to get your body and mind into tipptopp shape again.

UPDATE: My practice is full right now I am not taking on any new clients until January 2016.

In the meantime you can check out my membership site and get amazing tools and resources there.

  • Before working with Christine, I struggled with my sleep for six years. I felt like a zombie on a day-to-day basis, slogging through my work and everything I did. Even on the nights where I did sleep, I never awoke feeling truly refreshed and energized. Christine helped me see that I wasn't an insomniac and I didn't have sleep apnea--I was simply stuck in an anxiety loop where I wasn't sleeping because I was so stressed about not sleeping.

    Christine showed me how to get a handle on my anxiety and create a bedtime routine that really worked. After working with her for three months, I'm sleeping better than ever. I've gone from having several bad nights of sleep throughout the week to only having one or two bad nights a month. I am forever grateful for her coaching. Thank you, Christine!

    - Abigail Libers, freelance journalist

    Abigail Libers
    Abigail Libers Freelance Journalist


How much more you’d make…

…how happier you’d be…

…how much better and younger you’d look…

…if you were sleeping like a boss.

Ready to quit the agony?

  • "Before meeting Christine, I had no idea what a sleep coach was or why anyone would discuss something so personal like their sleeping patterns with someone. Through our session, I was surprised to see how AMAZINGLY helpful having a sleep coach is and how easy it was to talk about sleep with Christine. Christine is by far the best coach I have ever had! She has a way of making you feel comfortable and as if you're speaking to an old friend. If you're not sleeping like a boss, Christine will show you how!"

    Zobia Alvi
    Zobia Alvi Web Developer
  • "My name is Tiane Tuliao and I’m a graphic designer who runs my own business. Working on building my own business with all it’s moving parts takes a lot of work! Unfortunately, sleep was one of the things that took a back seat to everything else.  Before I worked with Christine I struggled daily with not getting enough sleep which would then affect my mood and especially my focus in getting things done. I thought that not having enough sleep when you run your own business was just something that I had to get used to. 

    That all changed when I started working with Christine.  From the moment we began talking over the phone, I felt immediately at ease speaking with her as if I was talking to a concerned friend. I didn’t feel judged or silly for my preconceived notions of how to balance sleep with the rest of my life. After just one session, with Christine’s custom guidance and knowledge I was able to finally have a good night’s rest from day one!  I am so happy that I had the chance to work with Christine as she has pointed me in the right direction in order to succeed in my business and my life. If you are struggling with sleep and tired (literally!) of not finding the right solutions that fit you, hire Christine so that you can finally get a good night’s rest. "

    Tiane Tuliao
    Tiane Tuliao Graphic Designer
  • "I have been following Christine's advice across the web and can attest it really does work. Had a full 7 hours last night completely uninterrupted for the first time in 10 years. I set small goals to begin with learnt on Chase Jarvis's Creative Live where he stressed not setting yourself up to fail. So I've been really vigilant about the food, first, then I added hydrating into the mix a few weeks later, then lighting. Gradually increasing water intake throughout the day. Went to bed as soon as I was tired. Over a few short months the improvement has been remarkable. Thanks Christine."

    Linda Brogan
    Linda Brogan Multi Award-Winning Playwright
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