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“If compassion does not include ourselves it is incomplete.”

– Jeff Kornfield

So who is this person who calls herself the Louis Vuitton of sleep coaches?

Hi, there!

I’m Christine.

When I became pregnant with my daughter in 2013 I went through a similar worrying process to most first time mothers.


Will I be a good parent?

Will my baby be healthy?

What will birth be like?

All of those questions are pretty standard I suppose but there was one thing that truly stressed me out that others might consider a bit . . .  well unusual.


And the question was:


How on earth will I survive the sleep deprivation?


Christine Hansen

(Yeah, I might look confident and maybe even “glowy” but boy was I freaking out!)


And that is where my journey and coming-out as a passionate sleeper started.


I fully embraced my obsession and priority of sleeping well and in fact so much so that I went from safe government employee, with an academic career and BA & MA degree, to become a certified pediatric sleep consultant and entrepreneur.


And you know what I found?


There is a whole NSA out there. No Sleep Anonymous, suffering in silence because most of their peers, friends or even partners don’t understand how bad it is when you don’t get enough sleep. READ ABOUT A CLIENT OF MINE WHO FELT JUST LIKE THAT


The feeling of waking up and being either Dr Jekyll and mr Hyde depending on how the last night was. I promise I am a lovely, fun and compassionate person but if you rob me of just 1 sleep cycle I will mutate into this:


I become truly nasty, forgetful and you can be certain that I will pick up the first bug that is making rounds during flu season.


And so I started to advocate sleep.

Giving myself the gift of nurturing sleep has enhanced my ability to be creative, to be insightful, to be focused, to be fully present and to get what I really want out of life.

  • Oprah

At first for sleep deprived parents, who were truly struggling to enjoy their new babies or toddlers. But then I had more and more adults coming out of the woodwork.


And when I say “out of the woodwork” I truly mean it.


I think that the turning point was when a close friend of mine actually called me and I knew her as a chirpy and fun person. Yet she broke down on the phone (leaving me baffled to be honest) and begged me to help her because she was just so tired. I had never seen (or heard rather) her like that. Her doctor had given her a prescription for anti-depressants but they made her feel bloated and take on weight and she really didn’t want to be dependant on pharmaceuticals to be sleeping better.


She also shared with me that she was suffering from an auto-immune disease and that she had become a lot more symptomatic since her sleep issues started. She didn’t cope well with stress anymore and just felt being uncontrollably dragged to an edge that didn’t forbade a happy ending .


I was shocked and truly surprised yet when I asked her why she hadn’t come to me sooner she confessed that not only did she not know where else to go apart from her GP but she also felt silly about it and as if she made too much a deal about it.


And that is when I learned that there are actually a lot of us out there who feel ashamed, silly or even unworthy of prioritizing our sleep issues.


That status quo needs to be shattered, because it is utter nonsense.


I love the people I work with because they are kind, generous, smart but also often so selfless that they completely forget themselves in the equation and slowly fade away.


Through my work as a holistic sleep coach for adults I help them to heal their body so that sleep comes naturally (because if it doesn’t something is wrong my friend) but I also empower them to embrace themselves as a priority and to have their inner voice heard with confidence and peace.


I combine biochemical stress relief, through the help of scientific lab results, with emotional stress diffusion through deep coaching to move forward instead of staying stuck. I am the sounding board and mirror that my clients need in order to progress.


Apart from making my clients fall asleep I am based in Luxembourg / Europe, am fluent in English, French, German and Luxembourgish (my native tongue), lived in the UK for 4 years, love to travel all over the world, have Colombian origins and have 2 oldie dogs (Trudi & Corc).



I am also the Luxembourg Ambassador for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, the winner of the ‘coup de coeur Award’ by the Creative Young Entrepreneur Award Luxembourg 2016.

I am also the author of #1 BestselleSleep Like A Boss – The Guide to Sleep for Busy Bosses.


I also host the Sleep Like A Boss Podcast and have been published in Reader’s Digest, Huffington Post, Brides Magazine, Elite Daily and been featured in many other media outlets spreading the gospel about embracing sleep and coming out as non-sleeper and asking for help.


My service is well worth the money because I have studied with top experts and have been trained in the Holistic Science of Sleep Method and am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and a Spencer Institute Certified Sleep Science Coach.
I have invested thousands of dollars (5 figures easily) and months & months of studies in sleep, coaching and FDN. 


Now, if we had it my way, then we’d go and have some drinks to talk about how we can get you out of this mess. But since I don’t see that happening any time soon, connecting with you from my inbox to yours in the next best bet. I would love for you to sign up here, so that we can keep in touch.


When you do, you’ll get a series of tried and tested tips from me and will be up to date with my latest podcast episodes, featuring enormously successful international experts and so much more to help you.

Let’s keep in touch 🙂

As featured in:

Christine Hansen Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Christine Hansen Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

The Holistic Science of Sleep Method Course is approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

The Holistic Science of Sleep Method Course is approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Christine Hansen Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg

Awarded Coup de Coeur Creative Young Entrepreneurs Award Luxembourg 2016


Christine Hansen Certified Sleep Science Coach

Christine Hansen Certified Sleep Science Coach

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