In case you missed it: Welcome to my practice!

My Interview for The FIIRM Practice

Doing what you love and loving what you do

How to calm the money mind

Changing your Mindset for Sleep & Happiness

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Go grocery shopping with me

Why chewing your food is important for sleep

Sleep Smarter & Drink Coffee at the right time

My Healthy Cocoa Smoothie

Creating my own life the way I want to

How to beat Jet Lag

How SEMO is interrupting your sleep

It is always about more that just losing a few pounds...

How I cook homemade Bone Broth

The truth that kicked me in the teeth and led me here.

Join the 5 Days to More Sleep & Less Weight Challenge

Why the Challenge Will Work for YOU!

How to practise Self Care

Serotonin, Prebiotics and Sleep

Why Self Care is Important

Why Self Care can be so darn difficult

What is FDN? (In a nutshell)

Self Care: That dirty word ?!

Virtual Q&A on sleep aka TeaTime with Christine 

Self Care . . . That dirty word (?)

Who am I , What I do & Why I do it.

 Why a Podcast?

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