What all the ‘How To Sleep’ Blog Posts Don’t Tell You

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Right, right, right…. I am guilty of it too.

I have also written a post on sleep with some quick fix tips…but the truth is, many times, if you have a serious sleep issue, all of this fragmented advice won’t be able to help and here’s why:

If you have insomnia, it can be a medical condition, which you can work on in various medical ways (it doesn’t always have to be sleeping pills) or it can also be stress and lifestyle related.
The good news is that if it is stress related there are many different, drug-free, steps you can take to get your sleep back.

So how do you know whether you fall into one category or the other.

Typically you can, if you focus, remember whether you ever had a time where sleep wasn’t an issue. And often, if you are ready and willing to do so, you may be even able to pinpoint exactly when the change towards insomnia has taken place.

This could be work related, where you might have gotten a promotion, which you were thrilled about but which also put you under a lot more pressure.

This could be related to your personal life. Maybe you had an accident, or someone close to you passed away, you had a divorce or you just aren’t where you imagined being at your age and at this moment in time.
There are many different factors that could be the trigger to night time issues. Very often it is also our general lifestyle where nutrition, hydration and lack of movement are making it difficult for our bodies to wind down.


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My point is that if you are serious about changing your sleep, there is most definitely an answer. You have to make a commitment though to be willing to find the root of your challenges and to face them and work with them. 

As a sleep coach I am not a therapist, but I will help you find out whether you might need one in order to live a more fulfilled life and to get a grip quicker on your sleep challenges.

If you are intrigued and want to know more, simply reach out and let’s have a chat.


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