Why ‘You’ Most Likely Won’t Be Enough

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 . . . to gather up enough motivation to apply all the lifestyle changes needed to really get some sleep.

A lot of people, and especially women, have a very hard time to prioritise themselves.

And yes, we know that we can only function well if we are healthy and feeling great but the truth is: There are so many other things on our to-do list. And all of them seem more important.

So what I actually suggest many of my clients is to just toss that idea, that they should do it purely for themselves, over board.

Granted, only focusing on themselves can work for some, but as my experience has shown it is a struggle for many.

But how can they then succeed if there is no motivator?

And that is where I take a different approach and where I truly connect with the people I work with.

The drive behind succeeding is a lot easier to find if it goes beyond us.

It has to be something a lot bigger, scarier and incredible once achieved.

I am talking about huge visions, ideas of legacies and goals that your family and friends would probably call you crazy for.

Goals that will truly change the world!

Christine Hansen

image by advance lifeskill

The genius and the crazy genes are very closely connected. But once you have unlocked what you truly desire, that will make your life have mattered on this earth.

That is when things are changing.

That is when lifestyle changes are so easy and trivial to apply.

That is when perspective shifts and priorities are rearranged.

And that is when you can succeed in what might have been too much of a task previously.

So ‘go there’. Go to that place in your mind where this ‘bigger than good for you’ idea is cowering. Don’t let it be forgotten or lost in the ‘I’ll never get there anyway’ drawer.

Dust it off, polish it and put it proudly in the front of your mind. And it will push you on as you have never thought possible before.


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 Success is a lot easier if it goes beyond ourselves Christine Hansen - Sleep Like A Boss

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