Take the first step to peaceful slumber with a

Start Sleeping Call

with christine hansen

Hey there,

Christine Hansen here, sleep science coach, functional diagnostic nutritionist and nutritional therapist.

You’re here because you’re emotionally and physically depleted...

You’re weak...lifeless...at the end of your rope...fed up with straining to get through your days only to dread going to bed at night....

You’ve gained weight, sure...but the worst part is that you’re not even sure you care. Your health is declining . . . your relationships are suffering. Hell, you’re really not even sure who you are anymore.

If we’re being honest, you feel as if you’re living in a twilight zone and yet, regardless of who you turn to for help, you get no relief.

I am here to help. As a renowned sleep expert, I've helped hundreds of men and women overcome their sleep issues and finally enjoy peaceful and luxurious rests, night after night.

They all came to me disillusioned by their doctor who only suggested sleeping pills (and maybe some diet changes if the were lucky) or even from the sleep clinic where they couldn't find anything medically wrong with their sleep patterns.

All of those specialists are wanting to help, I am sure, BUT the huge issue is that their vision is often too narrow minded. Sleep is complex. And this where I come in.

I combine science and lifestyle. I get facts from lab testing, looking inside of your body (hormones, gut health, etc) AND I care about your story, your emotional experiences, your nutrition and your daily rhythm. I take my time for you.

If you’re ready to get to the root of your sleep issues, bring your health back into balance, wake up from your never-ending nightmare and take back control of your life, apply for your Start Sleeping Call with me today.


Get ready for a conversation with someone who doesn't judge you

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You can trust her.

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You were always there for me. You are uncomplicated. You are straightforward and honest

Romain Gerson - Luxembourg

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Here is what you can expect during our Start Sleeping Session

We will talk for around 20 minutes and you will tell me about how long your sleep struggles have been going on, what you have tried, have seemed to work and what not and any other topics that you think might be important.

  •   A plan: By the end of our conversation you will know what to do next, whether that includes me or not.
  •   ​First steps: I will share my first ideas with you for you to implement to get better sleep.
  •   Time: I promise you that I will listen to you and will answer your questions without judging.

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