Welcome! I am so glad you're on board for this amazing FREE event!

The Women’s Divine Sleep Celebration has launched! And I'm beyond excited to share 18

incredible and life-changing expert interviews with you once we get going!

You will get access to the expert interviews starting on the 2nd October. Don’t worry, I know you are super busy so we will send you an email to remind you before we launch!

So here’s how it works:

Each day of the summit, you will receive an email with 3 expert

interviews (pre-recorded) and their goodness delivered right to you! Each one is about 30

minutes and all video! On top of that each and every single one of these experts has furnished us with a FREE GIFT for you!

I cannot wait to share this with you! The information shared during this celebration is incredible and now you will have it all in once place to watch at home or listen to in your car or during your exercise routine or basically anywhere you can take your phone or laptop to.

You want to watch it all but are super busy over the week of the 2nd October?

No worries! I don’t want this to be an additional stressor in your life and that is why you can purchase the whole summit, including the free gifts*, for $47 granting you lifetime access so that you can watch it whenever suits your best!