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We have one life, one body, one shot to do the best we can as time is running out.

That's a fact. And when that one chance consists in a tired, foggy, painful and unhealthy reality it is hard if not impossible to be truly happy.

I understand that and I care.


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I also understand that everyone is at a different level from just having had sleep issues for a few weeks to chronic insomnia and serious other health consequences aligned with that.

I am offering different possibilities of working with me, going from dipping your toes into the realm of sleep science and hygiene to a full on body and soul makeover.

My mission is to make you boundlessly happy with yourself, your body and your life.

So here is what you get with all of my services:

  • You get 1:1 time with me personally and I will listen and give you expert advice on how you can get your life back on track. I will call you out on anything that is not ideal or standing in your way and I will ask questions that will help you to move forward on your own confidently.

But there is a lot more. Each level gives you more input, more guidance and more insight and great chances of a complete, happy and healthy life.

Level 1

This is a troubleshoot session with me for those of you who aren't quite ready yet to fully commit and are curious about whether they actually have a problem and to get some quick fix ideas.

Level 1b

Contrary to the impromptu session previously this hour will be well prepared with a questionnaire you get in advance and pre-laid out action steps for you to take to adapt your lifestyle to perfect sleep & health conditions. During our time together (1 hour) we will go through your results and future changes you can make so that you will leave to be off and implement on your own with clarity and confidence.

Level 1c

On top of all you get from the previous level you will also be able to add accountability. Having someone coaching you and keeping you motivated will enhance your chances of success considerably. You can get my support for as long as you wish in 30 day increments.

Together we will discuss how you function best (regular check ins via phone, text or emails and in what frequencies).

Level 1d

You are aware that lifestyle changes are necessary but you also know that you need some assistance with your inner monologue. Putting yourself first is a concept you understand and want to implement but your inner blocks keep you from truly putting it into practice and you tend to prioritize anything else but yourself.

On top of the accountability check ins this level offers you 2 monthly deep coaching sessions where I will empower you to foster yourself in order to be fully present to those around your and your work.

Level 2

Sleep is one of your major issues but you are also struggling with brain fog, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, skin issues, digestion issues (like constipation or diarrhoea) or food sensitivities.

This level includes all of level 1d PLUS 2 lab tests focusing on your hormones, digestive and detoxification systems which will take the guessing on that part out of the equation. You will get a fully tired and tested Functional Diagnostic Nutrition D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success 90 Day Protocol plus a first batch of supplements all included in this service.

This will truly take care of everything for you on the hidden biochemical stressors side and will have you covered on the emotional stress front as well.

The minimum duration for this service is 6 months as retesting to verify progress (included) is required and to make sure that all of you issues are taken care off.

Level 2b

This is the true "Louis Vuitton" experience. We will run the full 5 FDN tests to make sure we get the best insights into your biochemical situation so that there is nothing in the way of a complete holistic treatment of your sleep and health issues.

There won't be anything standing in your way to happiness and a long & healthy life.

A minimum 12 month commitment is necessary to make sure your body has regained its balance through check up tests and that is fully functional to is optimal capacities.

***Each private service involves customization towards your needs. Program level prices may vary. To apply for a private program, you will need to apply for a pre-qualification session where we will discuss your intentions and I can determine your eligibility. (includes a free gift 🙂 )

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