100th episode of Sleep Like A Boss

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Today is quite special, because it's the 100th episode of the Sleep Like a Boss Podcast!

I'm very proud of it. I’m proud of the fact that we've been at it for so long, and I just want to say a huge thank you to every single person who ever read a blog post and listened to a podcast,  and it’s been quite a few of you, thousands of you (something I never want to think about because it totally intimidates me). At the same time, I'm truly happy if we were able to change your life for the better in any way possible, if we helped you make even the slightest difference. 

So, on behalf of myself, Christine Hansen, the CEO, and on behalf of my wonderful team - Thank you so much for being here with us. Thank you for finding us in this internet land, thank you for clicking on the links, thank you for  reading blog posts, thank you for opening emails, because all of those things really count and it really helps us to stay on top of things and to feel valued.


Sleep Like A Boss Beginnings

It started in 2016, right when Arianna Huffington started the whole sleep journey. Since then, loads of things have changed. I've decided not to be a sleep evangelist. I'm not convincing anyone that sleep is important, we are here for those of you who already know that, but who can't sleep. We have a very holistic approach. We quickly discovered that we need lab testing for our sanity as well as for yours, to know that you're getting and what you're paying for. We  decided straight away that we want to work with a certain type of client, one who is ready to invest in their health, ready to try something, get statistics, get facts, get numbers, get lifestyle advice, and have a safe space with us as your team. And it's just turned into this wonderful thing.

I'm very proud of Sleep Like a Boss and what it has become. Today, Sleep Like a Boss is a household name, so many people know immediately who it is, what it is, who is working there and it's just an enormous privilege. So, thank you so much and there will be more to come.

From baby sleep to adult sleep

For me, business is a living, breathing thing- we've taken Sleep Like a Boss from a baby to puberty, changing little things, to a little bit of a grownup version that it is now, and it will soon be time for another change (more on that in the fall of 2021). It's never going to be boring, but it's always going to stand for exquisite quality service. I'm very excited! So stay tuned with us, keep reading the blog posts, there's always new information, we don't hold back, we share everything that we can. 

Thank you for being with us. It's been an absolute honor so far, and there will be so much more to come in the future.

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