5 basic levels of survival

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Welcome to this crash course on

how sleep can help you get your heart's desire.

Everyone has a different idea on what that heart's desire is. It is based upon feeling complete and I will refer to Maslow's Pyramid, which is going into 5 levels that need to be fulfilled for us to feel happy and to realize when we have achieved our heart's desire.

LEVEL ONE is the physical survival needs, which means that you inherently know when something is affecting your body. Our most primitive fear is always to end up alone and to die isolated and alone. That's most of the time your worst-case scenario.

Sleep is obviously super important for that, because sleep helps your body recover. It's helping your body avoid piling up any damage. I do have a lot of clients, who come to me because they're starting to feel the toll that not sleeping is taking on their body and they realize that it's making them unhealthy and inherently bringing you closer to death (if you are super dramatic); but that's what it basically is and that's how we interpret it.

LEVEL TWO is not necessarily your physical survival but your physical safety. Once your survival is granted, we enter safety mode. Now, how can sleep help you with that? I often find that clients who struggle with anxiety and with too much stress, whether it is about their livelihood, relationships or anything else, do struggle with sleep as well;

so having great sleep is going to help you be more resilient
and it's going to help you build that bridge and that distance to make sure, that you know when something is going to affect you. 

It will help you deal a lot more with that situation.

LEVEL THREE is love and belonging needs. That's what we say if we are all looking for a mate. We are looking for love. We look for a place to belong. We look for warmth and protection; and sleep is going to help you in that way. It can help you relax, and it can help you be yourself.


It can help you be less anxious and it can help you look better. It's going to help you in so many ways: it's going to make life so much easier for you and so, inherently your love is going to be affected either by being open and finding one and not being a grumpy, horrible person; or

 it's going to give you enough energy for having an amazing sex life

It can also help you boost your relationship that you are in, because you finally have energy in the evening to talk to your partner, to listen to him/ her, to have a great dinner; anything but having to go to sleep crashing and then still not sleeping.

LEVEL FOUR is self-esteem needs. Here we go into what I find peace,

knowing who you are,
knowing how much you value your worth

and if you're not sleeping, you are going to be a lot harsher to yourself. You're going to see the world, including yourself, in a much harsher light, non-creative and in a much more pessimistic light, than when you have the rest that you need.

LEVEL FIVE is self-fulfilled or self-actualized and this is super easy, because you need to be energetic. You need to have focus. You need to be productive if you want to self-fulfill and if you want to have the energy in order to reach that goal you have set. Sleep is really going to help you and that's the other point why my clients come and see me.

They have a goal. They know how they want to self-fulfill themselves. They just don't have the energy for it and that's where I come in and help.

That's my little crash course on this topic. I hope you enjoyed it!

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