5 Reasons why we love sleep

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Let’s talk about why you should love your sleep!

I will show you 5 reasons why we love sleep, so let's go right to it.

Number 1, it is the best anti-aging treatment, elixir in the world, we have.
“I'm 200 years old but look at what I look like just because I sleep well!” Science really has shown that sleep is what keeps us living. If we don't sleep, we die, That won’t happen, because your body is going to protect you. But in sleep is where our entire cell repair process is happening. It's basically taking and looking for anything that's damaged, and it helps repair it, that includes also the little cells in your skin, which is what's keeping it tight and keeps those wrinkles away.

Now we all age, it's just the way that it happens. Our body is breaking down, so sleep has to deal with a lot more damage. As long as you sleep well, it will keep up with it pretty nicely, and it will help to keep you young; to have your skin look young, to have your body look young, and to keep you healthy, of course, so which means that you live longer.

When people don't sleep well for just two nights, they will automatically add two to three years to their actual age and that goes away as soon as people sleep well, again. Different experiments have been done on this topic, and I really believe that, too. I can see the difference in my skin color. In my depth of obviously dark circles under my eyes, but also my wrinkles and everything else. I don’t look very nice when I don't sleep well, which doesn't happen often. So, I do see the differences.

Anti-aging is your number one and it doesn't even matter how many creams you use. Don't let them sell you $300 skin creams if you're not sleeping. Sleeping should be a priority for sure.

Number 2. Anti-weight gain! Sleep is there to help you balance your hormones, which includes the hormone that makes you hungry, and the hormone that makes your brain understand that you are full. When you don't sleep, those are impeded. You're hungrier faster and you feel full later. In other words, you eat more, and you eat more often. Anti-weight gain, amazingly supported by your friend sleep!

Number 3. It makes you smarter! When you don't sleep, your whole neurology is just slowing a tad down. It makes you less focused, but you don't notice it. Usually, you start noticing when you're super dead-tired, and when you are like, “Where did I put my keys?”, “Where did I put my phone?” “Why am I in this room?”

That is when we have had sleep deprivation for quite some time. But, even if it's just one or two nights, we are being slowed down. The only difference is that we're not always conscious about it. So, all these people who are consistently sleep deprived because they get up super early, and think, “Ha, I don't need a lot of sleep!” well, they would perform so much better if they did!

Number 4. It helps you with your stress levels. Sleep is there to lower your stress in your body and it also supports you with your dreams. In your dreams is when everything that upsets you, that triggers you, that hasn't been digested, is being taken out for a play date. Your brain is firing out all those things, in this case, these toys, that your brain can play with and basically digest. That is why dreams don't always make a lot of sense.

Your brain is firing everything out, putting it into that playpen of what hasn't been digested. In this safe space, you are managing to work with it, and that's why you feel so much better when you slept a night over it.

Number 5. Your mood! Nobody likes a grumpy person. Least of all the grumpy people themselves. Okay, some really enjoy it, but most people don't. If you are impatient, you see the effect you have on other people, and obviously other people don't like you as much. When you are sleeping well, you just have more patience, you have more energy, you feel better in your skin, and you're just in a much better mood.

Everything is more beautiful. You get up, you get into your car or you have a walk, and everything is lighter. The world makes sense again.

When you don't sleep, everything is crap from the second you get up. Your coffee machine sucks, coffee doesn't taste like the day it did before. Everything is just having this little downer to it.

So to recap the 5 reasons why we love sleep are:

Those are simple 5 reasons why we love sleep. We can, of course, dig much deeper. Let me know why you like to sleep. Email me, comment on my Instagram or Facebook and leave me a comment below this post.

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