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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Amber Stokes. 

Amber hacked her life to reduce EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) in her home and at work. She helps people see the invisible setbacks to health and wellness which are common in our modern life.

A canary in a coal mine can also be an expert if they live to tell about it.

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 Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • Her own health issues forced Amber to do a lot of research and has helped her found her calling
  • She is like a superhero with 2 passions, working in IT and advocating the danger of EMFs
  • Safe computing practices especially in the sleep environment are sooo important and easy to implement
  • Be precautious! We don’t know enough about the repercussions about EMFs yet.
  • EMF, Biology, Health, Wellness: google it
  • Canaries: people who are virtually walking electro magnetic meters. The get very irritated by EMFs and have sensitivities & reactions to them.
  • Building Biologists are versed in the fact that your living environment is like your third skin.
  • We can control our sleep environment! We can have measurements for different types of fields in your sleep environment.
  • You then get disconnected and unplugged from the fields, as close to camping as possible, to get exposure numbers down to stop your body being affected so much.
  • You cannot see this invisible layer of EMFs but it can be heard!
  • These are not the natural EMFs these are the artificial ones.
  • Is your home a mission control center? You do not need it in your sleep.
  • You can be doing everything right, eating well, enjoying life and still have your body struggling with toxicity. EMFs are a big part of those.

CLICK TO TWEET: The biology of the body needs the removement of interferences to get the sleep process it needs.

More about Amber

Amber lives in two worlds to make a difference in both. She is a career Information Technologist but most importantly a person committed to teaching others the layers to consider for reducing EMR (electromagnetic radiation) exposures in the sleep environment. I try to get people to sleep like they are camping indoors.

Links mentioned:

Current EMF in the news:

Berkeley, CA cell phone radiation warning goes to court with cell phone industry

World Health Organization challenge in 2015:

222 Scientists from 41 Nations asking to take a closer look at biological and health effects of non-ionizing radiation coming from electricity and wireless communications

Find a Building Biologist to evaluate your sleep environment:

Oram Miller, well known EMF expert in Socal shares his vast knowledge and resources on his website site. He mentors a study group locally of about 20-30 students. Oram and I were both Teaching Assistants in the recent August IBE 212 Electromagnetic Radiation seminar which is offered through the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology in Santa Fe, NM.

Dr. Martin Blank, PhD newest book:

Overpowered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation and What You Can Do About It

How to connect with her:


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