Let's be honest . . .

!!! The sleep like a boss team is full and christine is not taking on any new mentees for now!!!

Check out her business coaching  if you want to propel your business (sleep related or not) into the next orbit.

So you want to do what I do? Be efficient? 

Charge 5 figures for 1 day?

It seems like all of your clients struggle with sleep and you did your homework, you read some books, maybe even did a sleep certification . . . but here is the deal: You Know It Is Not Enough!

How do I know that? Because I was where you are right now. Spent money on courses and books and yet I had a gut feeling that told me that I couldn't help those clients who desperately wanted to sleep but couldn't.

Heck they knew more about sleep than I did! They had the perfect routine, great habits and it isn't like they lacked discipline or focus . . . There was a piece were pieces that were missing.

It took me time, money and lots of education . . . but I got it! 

When I work with my clients I get results 100% of the time.

And now you want to know how I did it right?

I am a huge believer in honesty and integrity. I also believe in sharing the good in the world and in collaborations.

Yet I also believe in business. And so should you if you want to have a successful and long lasting career helping as many people as efficiently as possible.

So here's the deal.

From time to time I will take on motivated, smart and kind mentees.

This is not some online programme.

This is you and me, sitting down and me handing you my knowledge, my resources and mentoring you privately.

That, my like-minded friend, is efficiency.

Whether it is remote online or on person in my practice in Luxembourg doesn't matter. I will share my brain and processes with you.

This is a high 4 figure investment and I only accept people who I would trust with my private clients.

It doesn't matter what kind of background you have but I need to know that you can create space for people, listen, be willing to learn and be open minded.

If that sounds like you then please email my assistant Tamara ( click here to email ) and she will get in touch with you and we will take it from there and get you some details.

Let's help those who have had their heart broken by the traditional system, who are not sick enough to be an emergency and hence ignored by so  many yet whose lives and relationships are suffering from their sleep loss.

We are there to serve them. Transform their sleep. Transform their lives.

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