Selling prevention when it comes to health . . . is tough! And very different from selling money. Learn from someone who has actually done it! (Moi, in case you were wondering)

It's Simple: BUsiness Coaching By Christine


The Quicky

You have everything set up correctly (or so you think although sales do not quite reflect that my friend) and you just want a quick sesh to find out where your future dream client is clicking away to their Insta feed instead of booking their call with you.

May I present: The Quicky! 

A 60 minute session with yours truly where I will go over your website and its content in advance and then give your feedback on what you can optimize to finally make some cashola doing your dream job.


The Game Changer

You either have a brick and mortar business and want to take this baby online OR you already have an online business (or maybe expensive hobby depending on how sales are going) and you are ready to make this your full time gig, paying yourself the dream salary you have always wanted helping people. I gotcha. 

Here's what we'll cover over the course of 3 months

- Positioning (or niching)

- Getting your digital storefront Harrod's window display ready (aka your website)

- The tech (think email, opt-in, funnels, idea what I am talking about? Then you really need this friend.)

- The finances (I know it's scary, it's boring and it is the key to you making true Benjamins)

- The marketing from PR (getting into magazines, blogs, podcasts, tv...) to content creation

-The Mindset (without that, honey, you can pack your biz bags and take a hike to 'I am broke' land)

And all of this while keeping is super simple. Because that's how I roll!

(and it works)​​​​


Get your butt moving!

Book a call and find out whether we might be a good fit.

Simple. Life changing.

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