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Today’s Guest

In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Caitlin Padgett.

She supports successful women who struggle with alcohol & she creates change in the world by helping women show up courageously for themselves and others.


Her clients work with her because she has a unique approach on how to handle the delicate topic of alcohol by making sure you focus on the positive & not being too extreme with yourself. Her method is very successful & clients have seen positive change within weeks.

How we connected

I got to know Caitlin online & we immediately connected as we both work with topics which are still often considered taboo issues & because we both care in a very similar way for our clients. I met her through a programme called Impacting Millions by Selena Soo, which I can highly recommend.Catlin Padgett Sleep Like A Boss Podcast by Christine Hansen

Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • Caitlin didn’t dream of working with women struggling with alcohol as a little girl and yet she was close . . .
  • Listen to her sharing what her vision and mission is for this world and how she found a gap in the support system around alcoholism through her own need.
  • Caitlin wrote a book & explains her Why & also how the idea came to happen.
  • Get to know why de-stressing is so important when challenging addiction is insomnia.
  • Learn her story of her being a high achiever and how this was a tricky mix when it came to sleeping.
  • Why bragging about not sleeping can come across as unattractive or not very appealing . . .
  • Let’s talk about how you can always gain control back, a great insight by Caitlin.
  • How your ‘new normal’ can make it difficult to take a leap of faith when it comes to getting help.

We’ll cover all of that & more

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More about Caitlin

Caitlin Padgett is the author of Drink Less Be More: How to have a great night (and life) without getting wasted and coach for successful women who struggle with alcohol. Whether the goal is moderation or eliminating alcohol completely, Caitlin supports women to find freedom, on their own terms.

At 29 years old, Caitlin’s work-hard / play-hard lifestyle started taking its toll. She realized she was drinking herself to sleep almost every night and blacking out every weekend. Thirsty for alternatives to mainstream treatment, Caitlin combined her background in psychology, nutrition, fitness, harm reduction and holistic health to craft an unconventional approach.

Links mentioned:

Caitlin’s Book

Arianna Huffington’s Thrive and The Sleep Revolution

Selena Soo


Free Gift

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How to connect with her:

Email her by clicking here





One Question for You to Answer Right Now:

What do you do to remind yourself that you have control over your life?

Answer in the comment section below, I’d love it 🙂


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