Can Sleep Make You Happy?

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Sleep and Happiness, what is the connection?

A new survey of over 8,000 Britons has found that sleep has the strongest association with wellbeing. The Living Well Index, created by researchers at Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social research, found that a good sex life, job security, health of close relatives and strong connections in the community are also linked to happiness — but sleeping was the most important factor of them all. RED magazine

Christine Hansen Sleep Consultant

This week we are celebrating World Happiness day and so in this post we will look at the connection between sleep and happiness.

Over the last few years, medical specialists, psychologists and psychiatrists across the globe have been trying to draw attention to one of the most significant and overlooked public health problems of our modern age - that too many adults live without sleeping sufficiently.

They aren't worried about them just being a bit grumpy but chronic sleep deprivation can become truly dangerous. Mostly because it puts people at greater risk of having accidents and getting diseases and emotional disorders, the latter especially if you have a predisposition towards them.

What Is the Connection Between Sleep and Your Mood?

If you are like most people then you have experienced some sleepless nights in your life.

Have you noticed how you felt after those nights? Were you more sensitive, short-tempered, and more prone to stress than usual? And then, almost magically, after a good night’s sleep - your mood returned to normal and even improved? You were basically happy again?

Researchers from the Harvard Medical School have come to the following conclusions:

  • Poor sleep affects mood by causing frustration and stress, while healthy sleep can be the reason for good spirits and even happiness.
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    Long periods of time without sufficient sleep may increase the risk of developing anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders. At the same time, long time with good sleep makes you feel healthy, joyful and strong.
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    Insomnia, as well as the feelings of misery or distress can be relieved with improved sleep habits. Of course, if this doesn’t help, better consult a doctor or a specialist in sleep or mood disorders.

As you see, there is not only a clear connection between sleep – and your happiness, but the way how you feel and your mental state can also be affected by the quality of your sleep.

What Does It Mean To Be Happy?

There is numerous research suggesting that happiness is a combination of factors, among which:

  • Being healthy – it doesn’t come as a surprise that our well-being is #1 reason to be happy. What happiness could ever exist without good health?
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    Love and appreciation – same as health, people cannot be happy without giving love or accepting love. We all need someone special who supports us and who appreciates our efforts for a better life.
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    Satisfaction – what is your overall satisfaction with the way you live. Do you find meaning in your work or do you have an interesting hobby, are you happy with your personal relationships?
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    Feeling good – more precisely, whether the positive emotions prevail over the negative ones in your everyday life.
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    Luck and prosperity – for most people happiness is really about earning a lot of money, being lucky in life (winning the lottery or some other prize) and, as well, climbing the social ladder.

All these factors form, what we call ‘happiness’. However, our life changes, and our mood fluctuates, but the good news is that you can take care of yourself by paying attention to the quality of your sleep, by eating healthily, by creating and maintaining a positive attitude. This way, with consistent efforts, you can enjoy a truly happy life.

A word of consolation, love and understanding:

Now I know that there are those of you who really want to sleep, and you know that you aren't truly happy because of your inability of sleeping. This article isn't meant to rub your face in facts and making you feel miserable because I totally understand the situation you are in.

I also know that it is a very isolating one that to explain true sleep issues to the "sleeping people" is like explaining colour to the blind.

If you have already the feeling that you have tried everything and that nothing is working but you know that something is wrong then I am inviting you to get in touch with me and put an end to this once and for all.

I am offering some time with me, free of charge, but only to those who are truly committed and who really, deeply want their situation to change.

I will give you my first ideas to what is happening and also an entire array of solutions for you to implement.

There is nothing to lose but a whole lot of sleep and happiness to gain.

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