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Christine Hansen CEO and Founder Sleep Like A Boss

Christine Hansen is the Founder and CEO of Sleep Like A Boss.

She is a sleep expert to CEOs, Executives, athletes and high achievers, who want to sleep but can’t.

She has helped CEOs in the biggest organisations and most influential experts in Europe including Deloitte and Accenture. Her expertise has been featured in numerous international publications, such as Forbes, The Independent, The Guardian, Business Insider, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Elite Daily, Entrepreneur on Fire and many more.

She is the creator of the “Sleep Like A Boss Process”© focusing on sleep foundations, gut health, thyroid issues, nutrition and hormones that helps people to fall and stay asleep without having to rely on sleeping pills.

Together with her own team Christine now combines emotional, lifestyle and biochemical stress management in bespoke programmes for her clients all over the world to transform their sleep forever.

Christine is also a business mentor for coaches in the health sector.

The sleep boss team


Angie Nicolucci

Angie Nicolucci is a sleep expert and coach dedicated to helping busy professionals get the sleep they need to succeed!

Prior to starting her own sleep coaching practice and partnering with the Sleep Like a Boss team, Angie spent over 2 decades managing sales, marketing, and operations teams and functions for Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. She understands first-hand the stress and struggles of balancing a high-intensity career with daily demands of family, health, and life.

Angie discovered the power of sleep during her personal healing journey, leading her to develop her “Light – Diet – Environment – Lifestyle” approach. In addition to the Sleep Like a Boss protocols, Angie will help you to rebalance your circadian rhythm and relationship with natural light, choose sleep promoting foods, create a healthy sleeping environment, and incorporate stress-reduction and mindfulness techniques so that you can finally get the sleep you desperately need.

Angie’s degrees and certifications include a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Spiritual Science, Certified Sleep Science Coach, Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, Certified Quantum Health Coach, Dual-Certified Building Biologist (Electromagnetic Radiation; Environmental Consulting), a Certificate in Environmental Health, and an Advanced Certificate in Spiritual Psychology.

Angie lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She enjoys gardening, cooking, singing, and never misses a sunrise (her favorite time of day!).


Annika Carroll is the CEO of Sleep Like a Boss.

Together with her team Annika now combines emotional, lifestyle and biochemical stress management in bespoke programmes for her clients all over the world to transform their sleep forever.

Annika is a sleep coach helping tired and burned out women figure out what is stopping them from getting the quality sleep they need and supports them on their way to change this.

She knows first hand how sleep issues can impact your health and everything else in your life. She suffered from burnout and severe sleep issues and anxiety in the past and has a sound understanding of how the body and the mind can effect your ability to sleep.

After 15 years of experience as a Human Resources Manager at one of the world’s leading Consumer Healthcare Companies, she changed careers and went back to school to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and a Sleep like a Boss Sleep Coach.

She believes in honest, open and straightforward conversations.

Annika and her family are based in Canada. They relocated from Germany a few years ago. 


Eva Nyhagen Sleep Like A Boss

Eva Nyhagen is a sleep expert to established entrepreneurs and high achievers who want more out of life and sleep (or lack thereof) is not letting them. 

She is a certified cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT) for insomnia.

Eva is currently also working at a sleep clinic.

As your sleep therapist she will help you overcome the underlying causes for your sleep problems, and find the best way to treat your insomnia.

In addition to the Sleep Like A Boss method, she can also offer to help you this techniques:

  • Stimulus control therapy
  • Sleep restriction
  • Relaxation methods

Eva is empathic and a good listener. She is a experienced therapist with nonjudgemental and accepting attitude.

She will guide you on your way to better sleep with understanding and dedication.

Jessica Rojas Sleep Like A Boss

Jessica Rojas ist ausgebildete Schlaf Coach und hilft leistungsorientierten und zielstrebigen Menschen ihre Performance zu boosten durch das beheben von deren Schlafproblemen.

Ihre diversen Erfahrungen als langjährige Flugbegleiterin bei der Lufthansa sowohl als Unternehmerin mit ihrer eigenen Eventplanner Argentur, CEO einer Künstleraergentur und erfolgreicher Sleep Coach im pediatrischen Bereich mit über 300 Kunden weltweit erlauben ihr die alltäglichen Stresssituationen von heutigen eroflgreichen Geschäftsleuten nachzuvollziehen.

In ihrer Freizeit hat sie erfolgreich im Immobilienmarkt investiert wobei ihre 3 Sprachigkeit sehr hilfreich war.

Jessica ist zertifiert im Erwachsenen Schlafcoaching durch Sleep Like A Boss und Sleep Sense.


Michaela Sparrow

Michaela Sparrow is a sleep expert helping high achieving A type personalities to have the deepest, most restorative sleep of their lives, allowing her clients to have long lasting energy, clearer thinking, more motivation and better more stable moods.

Michaela is a degree qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist with a specialty interest in longevity medicine. Her approach to wellness is realistic, enjoyable and sustainable.

Being a Naturopath, she has a holistic approach to achieving great sleep with over 15 years of industry knowledge and experience.

Michaela helps men and women get to the root cause of their sleep issues and provides a supportive, non-judgmental and motivating experience. 

Michaela is based in Australia with her husband and two furkids. 

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