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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Dot Bekker.

I work with Entrepreneurs to help them optimise their businesses and discover success. I truly believe that entrepreneurship gives people back their lives. While business is always going to be work, I have seen people come out of corporate jobs and discover the joy of working for yourself, working with your passion, creating your own rules and success, which has totally transformed them and the world around them. Facilitating that is where my passion lies.

How we connected

Dot and I have known each other since I started to venture on my journey as an entrepreneur and she has been so, so encouraging and helpful to me. She attended my business launch and has shared a lot of her wisdom with me and so she holds a very special place in my heart.

Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • Dot tells us how she went from a shy, terrified child to a professional networker and social butterfly
  • When having to move to South Africa from Zimbabwe she started to work for herself the first time and she absolutely loved it.
  • She moved around and every part of her journey led her to the success she has today.
  • She completely embraces working all over the world and is now embarking on a journey home to South Africa.
  • She is completely passionate about entrepreneurs who burn for their trade and love working.
  • She is a huge advocate for creating your own fortune and not rely on a system for a pension.
  • Her biggest idol is her father who found a new job at 69 years old!
  • Dot really helps people to leverage their personal strengths and to get clarity on what business to start or how to get it to take off.
  • Just having a great idea is not enough if you don’t have the passion to carry you through.
  • Don’t try to work with her if you are not prepared to get a kicking 😉
  • People need the obvious these days.

We’ll cover all of that & more

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More about Dot

Originally from Africa, Dot has lived and worked across 2 continents, in 5 different countries, with a variety of languages.

In the past she has run her own businesses in South Africa, UK and Portugal. Dot has worked in and with different sectors and gained a wealth of experience and expertise as well as good grip on what NOT to do in business. She currently works as an Entrepreneur strategist and is a firm proponent of Entrepreneurism

Dot is a qualified and accredited Coach who has been helping Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs develop, build and grow their businesses over the past 12 years.

In 1989 Dot started a small business organisation called Breakaway Business in South Africa, working to promote the interests and needs of entrepreneurs. She has also served on the Board of Women’s Bureau – supporting the social agenda of women in South Africa, National Women Business Owner’s Association – raising the profile of women in business in Cape Town, past president of The Network in Luxembourg – a professional women’s network and during her time in Portugal she founded a social network initiative for the foreign community called Portugal Friends.

When she’s not busy with clients or networking she speaks around the world about interest in non-verbal communication and loves animals of all kinds.

Links mentioned:

The Entrepreneur Revolution by Daniel Priestley


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