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Wouldn’t it be great to have a choice between a natural versus synthetic solutions each time you reach for your medicine cabinet, cleaning cupboard or make up bag?

Natural Alternatives

That is what I am all about.

The more I became educated the more I truly understood that every small step we take in our everyday life towards reducing our toxic load: counts!

For me essential oils have become a staple item I use for my own, my family’s, my pets’ and my clients’ health and emotions.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and our modern pharmaceuticals are based on their molecules and benefits.

As a certified essential oils coach I can help you to figure out which oils are making the most sense for you and your family to use and how to use them safely.

You can use oils for energy, for stress relief, to support your immune system, to balance out hormones, to reduce anxiety, to foster self-confidence, to fight bacteria, to clean your home or to simply smell good without any toxic hormone disrupting chemicals sticking to your skin and so much more.

You will always have a natural solution for those little emergencies which I find so reassuring with my daughter.

Because I am such a huge fan, and because it works, I want to help you find out which essential oils to use for which situation and how to use them safely.

I am using DoTerra because I have re-searched them in detail and after using them myself for years I can recommend them in good conscience. Why is that?

  • doTERRA follows strict and sustainable co-impact growing processes. They do not use a middle man but work straight with local farmers allowing family businesses to not only stay in business but to actually expand. They support the local community and provide safe working conditions, which is not always a given in poorer regions.
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    They source their oils from the plant’s indigenous environment around the world. their Spikenard is for example collected by hand in the mountains of Nepal and not mass harvested in a greenhouse somewhere random.
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    The oils are beyond organic, they are Certified Therapeutic Grade with no fillers, artificial ingredients, or contaminants of any kind. They undergo 8 strict tests from start to finish so that every independent lab will find the same pristine test results. They also test for chemical composition to make sure the plant was harvested at the most opportune moment to have the highest quality and therapeutic impact.

Want a free session with on what essential oils are and on how to use them? It would be my pleasure.

Consider this your invitation!

Get started with my entirely free guide on How To Replace Your Toxic Household Cleaners With Essential Oils!

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