Dreams leaving you more fatigued than before

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Today I want to talk about dreams leaving you more fatigued than before.

People come up to me and tell me, "Christine, my dreams have been so vivid that when I wake up, I'm exhausted. I'm sleeping, but my dreams are just killing me. It's too much."

That can happen and here is why: 

  • Most likely, you got enough sleep. That's not the issue here, but rather when you woke up. When you vividly remember your dreams, it usually means that you had a very short, light sleep phase right after your dreams.

Imagine it like a gap. Right after your dream, you have a long, light sleep phase. You don't remember as much, because your consciousness is far apart from your dream. But, when the light phase is really short and close to the consciousness, you tend to remember a lot more.


Sometimes your dream can be so disturbing, that it will jolt you wide awake. It might mean that the short, light sleep phase, helping us transition back into consciousness, was too short, leaving us groggy. We were basically ripped out of one sleep phase and skipped another, leaving us exhausted.

Having said that though, you most likely got the sleep you needed. The most important sleep phase (they all are!), but the one where most restoration for the body physically happens, is deep sleep and it's longer at the beginning of the night. So, don't worry about it. No need to worry that you didn't get the needed sleep because your dreams left you more fatigued than before. You most likely did.

I hope it was helpful. If you have any further questions just get in touch with me, either via email, Instagram, my website or Facebook.

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