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Today’s Guest

In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Gosia Potoczna.

Gosia helps coaches and consultants work with their ideal clients and earn the money they deserve by growing their business online.
Her mission is to help her clients reach more people and change their lives for better – this is how she can make her own dent in the universe.

How we connected

Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • Christine and Gosia  philosophizing over Europe, Internet friendships and the glorious chat rooms of the 90’s
  • Gosia had a completely different vision of what she would end up like as to what she is doing now
  • Gosia had an amazing career in marketing winning the Golden Lion at Cannes Festival which is a huge deal!
  • From top corporate she went to a 2 person business where she could connect with a variety of people, which is what she adored doing
  • Close to burnout and pregnant she decided to pull the emergency brake and sold the agency
  • From there she launched an organic kids wear brand
  • Multi-passionate! Such a cool concept, listen as to what we are saying about it.
  • What is positive marketing versus negative marketing?
  • Selling & Marketing can be enjoyable for service provider and buyer
  • Friends don’t always have your back but you always take something positive from it, listen to Gosia’s lessons
  • The ripple effect and what it means to Gosia and Christine
  • Gosia likes to work with women to boost their confidence, get rid of their imposter syndrome and help them to share their message.
  • Gosia explains her process which she uses and which is very detailed and comprehensive
  • As Gosia get bored quickly she is really good at helping people get their branding together
  • Our pretty messed up schedule and Gosia’s experience with sleep.

We’ll cover all of that & more



More about Gosia

Gosia Potoczna has over 15 years of experience as branding & marketing expert. She worked with Fortune 500 companies like T-Mobile, Santander Bank and Deutsche Bank and top national brands in a variety of industries (eg. FMCG, e-commerce, fashion and home appliances).

After getting pregnant she sold her digital marketing agency to spend more time with her family and recover from burnout. Looking for her own path, she discovered Slow life movement and launched a successful kidswear brand Loff Loff organic. But she wanted to impact people’s lives in a meaningful way and felt that her competences can have a better use. Today Gosia empowers passion-driven coaches, experts & practitioners with personal branding & marketing toolbox to accelerate their business and inspire the world around them.

How to connect with her:

Email her by clicking here



One Question for You to Answer Right Now:

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Answer in the comment section below, I’d love it 🙂

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