How full is your bucket and what does it have to do with your sleep?

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How full is your bucket and what does it have to do with your sleep?

I am referring to the book “How full is your bucket” by Tom Rath. It is a leadership book and was recently reprinted. It's a super easy to read book and I highly recommended it. How did I stumble upon this while working with my clients? And how did it help them sleep better?

I was working with one of my clients in a very typical environment that I work with a lot: Corporate. Lots of pressure, a lot of teamwork required, a lot of leadership required. My client was a great leader in a way but was very empathetic. He was taking a lot of different things too hard and he didn't have the best connection to his team. Whenever I was talking to him and whenever we were walking through what was on his mind, there was always some kind of friction with his main assistant or with the rest of the team and it was taking water from his bucket. What does that mean??

We all have a desire to have a bucket filled with positive things. It could be praise, respect, love, a kind word or a compliment

All these things are filling our water buckets and the more we have in there, the happier we are; the easier we have it and it's just a beautiful feeling. 

Obviously, we wish that for everyone. When you are negative, you sort of take water from somebody else’s bucket. That not only makes them feel bad, (because you take something from them); but it's also making you feel bad. It's at the same time dipping from your own bucket as well.

The main problem was a very negative person in his team, who was constantly dipping from his bucket and that caused everyone to be miserable. It was this negative vibe that took over and it was stressful. He didn't know how to rectify it.

We went a little bit into leadership and soon he called me, saying he was discussing the book with his team. He wasn’t telling that person that it was the one, making everyone miserable with its negativity and harsh words. Through teaching the lesson of the book and using that metaphor, the specific person did respond and so did everyone else. Everyone started being more respectful and thinking about it. It was a beautiful kind of motion that went through his whole team and it released a lot of stress from him.

Ultimately it is pretty much always stress that is disrupting your sleep; whether it is affecting you mentally or whether it is affecting your body. It's doing both. One doesn't work without the other.

Even though I work on both sides; having the head space and looking at your environment and how you can literally detoxify it from people and negative vibes, it is super important.

I highly recommend "How full is your bucket" for everyone who has a team. It is also a beautiful present for a negative person!! I hope it's going to help you sleep a little bit better. It has really helped my client and hopefully this little tidbit has helped you as well.

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