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Ever wondered how to get to speak on TEDx? Today I want to share with you how I got my TEDx talk.

Here’s the interesting thing:

I spent over $10,000 to have the opportunity to speak in front of TEDx organizers, agencies & other people.

I participated in a program where we had a performance and it was recorded, so I have a beautiful video of it, in the end, despite my following up, nothing came of it.

Obviously, it was a little frustrating and in general, when I looked at TEDx before, there was an application process and all kinds of things linked to it.

So, How did I get to do my TEDx talk? Well, I wrote an email, that's all I did!

After having no results of that one program, another story for a different day frustrated I went to the TEDx event page and looked at TEDx events around me. Not all their sites are super well organized. I found it at times really hard to even find the TEDx page for each event!

I looked at events pretty close to me, and then I took the TEDx plus the name of the city or the university and then put it into Facebook. Interesting enough, most of them have a Facebook page and on the Facebook page, they have the event website!

It's not always on the official TEDx site, don't ask me why!

After doing that and finding the websites, I looked at the topics and the dates. One was called Sous pression (Under Pressure), and it is taking place in Lille, which is like the third biggest city in France.


I thought that's a good topic, and I could see who the organizer was. I emailed them and said: "Hi, I'm sleep expert. I think that this is a brilliant topic for your audience. I don't know if you have openings for speakers yet, but if so, I would be really interested." Lo and behold, a day later, I've got my answer that I was accepted as a speaker!!

So to recap How did I get to do my TEDx talk:

  1. go to event page
  2. looked at events near you
  3. look at events and cities. Enter both into Facebook
  4. find them on facebook and get website
  5. look at topics and dates
  6. send an email

The reason why I'm sharing this with you is that we should always try the easy way first. Don't spend as much money as I did. I am not saying that I completely regret it, because I did get speaker experience and I had a great workshop and I got the video and I met amazing people; but in the end, this is how I got my TEDx talk.

Let me know if you want any other help on this topic or if you just want to talk about it. So, just get in touch!

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