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Today I want to talk about an app that I use on my iPad and sometimes on my iPhone. It has literally changed my life!

So, with How I use PDF READER in my business I will tell you about PDF Expert.

(On a side note, you can use it on the desktop as well.)

The reason I love it is that it lets you edit PDFs:

  • You can edit text in it

  • You can underline

  • You can annotate

You can do all kinds of great things. I love it and I use it for all my session notes with my clients.

I am notoriously bad at organizing things. So, the way that I work with my clients, is that I have everything online, using Dropbox. Everyone has a folder with all of their test results, protocols, and session notes.

My session notes are PDFs. Each client has six-note sheets and they are all blank.

When I have a new client, my assistant creates a folder and adds in the test results, when they arrive, and she also adds six blank session notes.


So, when I have a session with a client, I will take notes on my iPad with my Apple pen, because I like to write things down! You can of course use any kind of tablet and pen with the pdf reader.  

Writing things down helps me focus. It helps me remember what I do. I don't like to type during my sessions, because it distracts me from listening to my clients. Hence, I am writing things down in my handwriting.

It's my process and I think it's the same process for a lot of people in this line of business.

As I'm writing things down, I'm highlighting what is important and what I want my clients to implement.

  • How things have progressed

  • Supplements I'm suggesting

All of that is noted in my session notes. Once the session is done, I just save it and that's it! For the next session, I can go into the PDF READER, look at my old notes and am ready. I keep a perfect record and I can easily access them from wherever I am at.

PDF EXPERT has been a lifesaver for me. I use it in my practice for every client, and I think it's just something that you can easily invest in. It's not expensive and it's totally worth it.

I hope you found How I use PDF READER in my business to be helpful. For more helpful business tips have a look at some of my previous business blog posts!

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