How not sleeping affects your focus

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Let's talk about How not sleeping affects your focus.

Together with my team, it is our mission to help people who are at their last resort to get control of their sleep. We do that by using a unique method that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world because we look at sleep as something that's physical and metaphysical.

So today we're going to focus more on the metaphysical, meaning your psyche. What happens with your stress levels, your lifestyle, your workplace?

Also, while looking at your psychological state, we always run five different lab tests in order to dig into the body, because our body is just as important when it comes to sleep as is our mind. These five tests are:

  • Dutch Test: This is a test to check your hormone levels.
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: This test shows if there are any deficiencies, toxins or mineral ratio imbalances. 
  • GI Map Test: This test analyzes your gut’s general health and shows us if pathogens are present (parasites, bacteria and yeast infections)
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Profile: This test uses your dried blood spot and dried urine to provide a complete overview of the Thyroid hormone function including antibodies.
  • Food intolerance test: This test helps us see which food causes inflammation in your gut and body

You will learn more about all of that by going to our blog. Throughout this year, I will continue to publish newer and more recent posts about the different elements that we look at and everything concerning sleep.

So, let’s dive into why focus is such an important topic.

Most of the time, people that we work with are busy professionals, CEOs, high executives who need their focus during work. They are also people who like to push their health to the limit and it's the one thing that they keep pushing and pushing until nothing works anymore!

Usually, the reason they find out that they have pushed themselves to the limit is because they've done a colossal mistake, such as falling asleep behind the wheel very quickly and jolting up, thinking “okay, this was it, I just woke up!”, or “this was dangerously close…!”

how not sleeping affects your focus

Sleep definitely impacts your sleep at once!

Most of us know that when we are tired, we just have more difficulty gathering our thoughts, being creative, being quick. What a lot of people underestimate is that our mind wanders off, and we don't notice it as quickly as when we have enough sleep.

That's why when I have people telling me that they need less than six hours of sleep, I call bullshit! For 98% of the population that is not true. 98% of the population needs more than six hours of sleep.

Research shows that people who get less than six hours of sleep for 10 days have the same reaction time as people, who were sleep-deprived for two days. As you can see, they are very, very much impacted. But, in comparison to people who were awake for two days in a row, they don’t notice it as quickly.

That's what makes it so dangerous! You think you are quick, you think you don't feel differently when you actually do. Usually, when you do get a good night of sleep and your mind wanders off, you will notice it fairly quickly. You will alert yourself to focus again and to go back to your task. But, if you’re sleep-deprived, you won’t. Your mind wanders off and it will take you a lot longer to become aware of it. You waste a lot of time. Obviously, your brain capacity is not as quick because your sleep is basically detoxifying your brain.

Sleep makes sure that all our neuron connections are working well. That all our cells are absorbing what they need in order to fire those neurons quickly and for everything to work smoothly. If we don't get enough sleep, our thought process is slower and is much vaguer. It won’t catch all the details.

If you're someone who is very good at looking at the whole picture and making sure that nothing is out of the ordinary, and you're not sleeping, it will impact that skill and talent of yours. Try to keep in mind how not sleeping affects your focus!

That is why sleep needs to be an absolute priority if you want to focus! The same goes for students who have exams and who think that an all-nighter is going to be a solution.

It actually helps to have a better night's sleep before, because it helps you in memory consolidation. It will help you to grab those thoughts from your consciousness a lot quicker and more efficiently the next day.

Those were some different elements around focus and sleep in How not sleeping affects your focus that I wanted to talk about and I hope it was insightful. If you have any further questions about sleep, please visit our website, where you will find many free resources.

You can also get in touch with one of us to see whether you might be a good fit to work with us so that we can get your sleep back on track!

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