How the fork does one become a sleep boss and WHY?

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Today I want to talk about a question that I'm being asked very often: “How did you get into sleep??” 

Not everyone is doing the job I do. Thank God!! But it is something quite peculiar. Most people assume that I had my own sleep struggles, and that that is the reason why I became interested in sleep and started helping people with the solution I found for myself. Well, that's not quite true. For me it started when I was pregnant with my little one and I was terrified of not sleeping once she was born. Everyone kept coming up to me and was like “you'll never sleep again. So, make sure you'll sleep in advance!” I love sleep. I adore sleep. I'm just such a better person when I have enough sleep, because without enough sleep I'm terrible.

So one day, I was lying in my bed (in Luxembourg you get eight weeks off prior to your due date and it was the best paid holiday ever!), I felt great and woke up around probably 9:30-ish and the sun was shining. Right then and there I was thinking it will never be the same. This is it! I will never wake up this way again, at least not until she's 18 and I can kick her out of the house! I will not be able to ever sleep again and I was terrified!!! I did what every good mother-to-be does: I googled the shit out of sleep! Sleep plus keyword. You name it. I typed it into Google and that's how I got into sleep. 

I started with my little one when she was born. We started to have great sleep habits and she slept through the night when she was nine weeks old. Bam! Ok, it might be that I was just lucky, but that was how I got into the whole thing. The more I talked about it, the more people were interested find out more about my method. (People just keep asking you when you have a newborn. That's all they want to know! How does she sleep? They don't necessarily ask anything else. It's just how does she sleep??? and apparently, that defines whether you have a good or a bad baby!) So, I was bragging big time: She's sleeping through the night! Oh, look at me, so refreshed and such a really cool new mom! Although, I think it's just because she's really chill and still is! She's really, really easygoing, but that was how I got interested in sleep and how I realized it's not just babies' sleep, but that there are actually a lot of adults, who are struggling with it as well.

Interestingly, I started out as a baby sleep consultant. My first company was called Sleep Like A Baby. It turns out I really don't like babies. I'm not a baby person, except for my own, because she's absolutely amazing and cute and smart and adorable and she's half me. I mean, how can I not like her?!? I adore her, obviously! But otherwise, it's just not my thing and that's how I switched to Sleep like a Boss.

I had more and more adults asking me and I was thinking, well, maybe what I am doing with my babies might help them, even though I knew that there's more to it. I know that when people come to me with severe sleep issues, there's so much more to it than just behavior, which is kind of what I did with little ones.

A lot of behavior therapy and dealing a lot with sleep-deprived, zombie parents. I began adding everything, from functional diagnostic to nutritional therapy, in order to really get confident and see what belongs to sleep. I realized how complex sleep is and how different factors are connected to it, such as hormones, gut health, food sensitivities. All of those things I now take for granted when I work with my clients. 

That's basically how I got into sleep.

The second part to my story was that as soon as I had the idea that I could open a business and that there was a need for the business, I actually enjoyed getting into the marketing, branding and building my own first website. I just loved it. I built my first website with a YouTube video by some guy called Tyler-something. I followed his instructions and built my first WordPress website. I've always loved tech. I always loved digital, so I loved every, every piece of it. 

Sleep, plus being an entrepreneur (not knowing that every little cell of mine is an entrepreneur!), I quickly realized that I could never be an employee again! I am the best boss I ever had!! All of that coming together is what is me now. I love my business. I love what I do. I love being an entrepreneur.

I love being a leader here in Luxembourg; in a way kicking peoples ass and saying ‘look, there are different things you can do, than the traditional way that we're growing up with here!’ It makes me really, really happy. Yes, it's a weird niche, obviously, but I adore it. It's amazing, making me super happy and excited every day. 

I just signed up a new mentee, so I'm actually growing my team slowly with very, very amazing people. One is in Norway and she's going to keep working there. And my newest mentee is in the UK and I'm going to give her the UK territory, basically. So it's all super, super exciting.

That's how I got into sleep, through panicking of never being able to sleep again. Sometimes having people in the supermarket queue letting you know that you will never sleep again can turn out to be a complete change of life and it can be pretty amazing. Maybe this will inspire you, how weird ideas get to be something totally life-changing.

Have a wonderful, sleepful week. Is sleepful a word? Probably not! But I hope you have a great week anyway. 

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