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How to create a tagline for your business is,

one of the things that are super important and I do with my clients.  We create a very clear headline for them. We talked about who you are naturally drawn too and who is naturally drawn to you. Those should be the people you focus on because they are the easiest to work with in the end.

One way for your clients to understand who you work with is by reading it in a well-phrased tagline.  The tagline is something you can put into your bio, you can put it on your email signature and most importantly, in the tagline on your website, which Google picks up. For me it's "I'm Christine Hansen, I work with CEOs, executives and high achievers who want to sleep but can't".

For my client Bailey, who I talked about last time, we created something like "I am Bailey and I work with creatives who don't quite remember, how a lack of sleep is keeping them from making big bucks".

Now two things are important in how you create a tagline for your business: Structure and Language.

1. Structure

  • It's the way that you structure this tagline.  How you say your name: "I'm Christine Hansen". You don't need to add any official credentials. In general, people don't even care that much.  
  • Who is it? Who is that person at that party that comes to you? I have moms, women, middle-aged women, men, middle-aged men... I had young women, I help women at the prime of their year, I help men who started thinking about retiring, or I help men at the peak of a leadership. Identify that exact person for you and target that person. You can read more about it here, where I discuss how to identify your right client. 
  • What do you do to help them sleep or lose weight for example? I like to play around with words and that's number two.

2. Keep your language as authentic to you as it is.

  • I would probably not say lose weight. Rather, shed a few pounds, shave off a few pounds, drop a few pounds, get rid of that burger fat, get rid of that summer gelato and spaghetti and upper-roll spritz kind of love-handle fat. Make it funny, make it juicy but also make clear and to the point. People should know what you're doing right away.

Another place where this is important is LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, you have your name and then it gives a description. Here's a little tidbit for you: If you do this on your desktop, you have fewer characters than if you do it on your mobile. So do it on your phone and you'll be able to squeeze a longer description in there.  I have my tagline as well as, a best-selling author, a speaker and a business mentor in there. 

Make sure you test that out. The formula is, I'm your name and I help who is that be very clear. Don't worry that you're going to say "I'm alienating everyone else". If people like you and don't necessarily fit your exact niche, they are still going to get in touch with you, believe me!

I don't only work with CEOs. I have all kinds of different people that I work with, but they know they want to be like a CEO, or they feel like the CEO of their life.

Don't be afraid of being specific. I help ...... (whoever you want to help), with doing ........ Again don't be afraid of using language that you need to do. You don't need to always be politically correct. Don't be insulting but just talk the way you talk. If they get to meet you and you talk differently from what you advertise they're going to be like "meh, this is weird" or they're gonna say "she's boring" OR "oh I know exactly what she means!!". That is something I hear all the time.

People tell me, "Christine when I read your website, your newsletters, your blog posts or your Instagram text, it's you! It's your language and its funny!" So when they talk on the phone with me they already feel like they know me and it's just like we're picking up the conversation.

That was all about how to create a tagline for your business. If you think that you know me and you'd like to work with me because this is who I am, this is what you get, then send me a message or send me an email at or book a call through my website.

It's easy as pie!

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