How to extend your lifespan by doing this 1 thing

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If you're here on this earth, I bet you want to be here for as long as you can; 

either to make an impact, to enjoy your life with your beautiful family, to enjoy your life with your friends, to travel, to make experiences, to really make the most of this. Now, what if I told you that by not doing this one thing properly, you are literally taking out the scissors and chipping away or cutting away on your lifespan, making your life shorter. What is it? It's your sleep. If you are not sleeping enough, you are manipulating your body to age quicker, to be more prone to disease, to not being able to repair itself and it's going to affect your lifespan and you are risking to get ill. Here is why:

You can compare sleep to being the cleanup team after a wild, entertaining night. 

For a long time, research had no idea what sleep was for. They just knew that we would lie there. It seemed very unproductive and they just didn't know why we slept. As time has moved on and as research has started to catch up, they figured out that sleep is comparable to a cleaning group. Let me explain that to you. When you are entertaining, then you can either have a great time with your guests, create memories, tell stories, have a laugh and enjoying yourself with them or you can go around and clean up after them, but you cannot really do both at the same time, and the same is true for our brain. It cannot do certain processes when we are awake and conscious. It needs sleep in order to repair itself and in order to rebalance everything that has gotten out of whack during the day. Your brain will literally be flushed through with cerebral fluid in order to get rid of any toxins that might be harmful.

That's super important for our memory consolidation to avoid getting diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or dementia. It has been shown that sleep is a very, very big key point or lynch pin when it comes to those diseases developing or the speed in which they are developing. It's also important for our hormone balance, because when we are sleeping, any hormone that has become a little bit deregulated, you can imagine it like loose pipes, then sleep is basically going to recalibrate it and you're going to be healthier again the next day. If you are not sleeping, whether it is because you sacrifice sleep consciously or whether you want to sleep, but can't; all of these processes are not happening and they are piling up and making you more prone to disease and having things go wrong and actually shortening your lifespan.

How can you get that sleep if it's not a case of time management? 

The first thing you have to understand is that sleep is a process and that it's not just happening from one second to the next. Your brain needs to slip into sleep and if you are super excited and stressed, it's very difficult for it to switch into sleep mode. Make sure that you have enough time before going to sleep. That's what I call the foundations. Have a timer, where you have an hour to get ready before bedtime. Have a bedtime routine. There are lots of information on my blog about that and make sure you have different steps that will help you to wind down; from getting your clothes ready, to getting a nice facial and putting some night cream on, avoiding harsh lights, reading a book that is nice and soothing, opening the window and getting enough oxygen and having a plant in your room. All of these things will help you with that first step.

The second thing that you need to know about is that your body needs to be ready to go to sleep as well.

What I look at is your thyroid. 80% of my clients have issues with their thyroid. 

Hashimoto's or an overproduction of thyroid hormone or conversion issues. There are lots of different things that can go wrong and the thyroid is very, very closely connected to sleep issues in my experience. Make sure that you get a nice thyroid panel done. Looking for your TSH levels, your T4 levels, your T3 levels and your antibodies and reverse T3, so that you can get a beautiful, nice picture and then have someone look at them with a lens of functional diagnostic. That means is they will have ranges that look at healthy people, instead of ranges that are taken from sick people coming into the lab to get their test done. Those ranges are way too vague, because they're from sick people, who are either under producing, over producing. We want it to be healthy.

I also look at hormones; 

whether it is cortisol, your stress hormone, that is deregulated either because of a miss production or because your body isn't clearing it quickly enough or other reasons, or whether it is of steroid hormones, like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone. All of these have an impact on your sleep. Make sure that you get a nice hormone panel done and I always suggest the Dutch test by precision analytics, because it's going to show you the hormones that are there and it's also going to show you how they are metabolized, which means how they are used within the body and how their different processes are working and that is really, really important as well. That's the third thing that I look at.

The fourth thing is your gut health. 

It is really important that you don't have any parasites, that you don't have leaky gut, which is creating inflammation and triggering your immune system that is going to make it difficult to sleep. That you don't have too much bacteria and that you don't have any yeast infections.

All of these things will keep you awake at night and will be very stressful for your body. Make sure that you get a stool test done that will look for those parasites and that will give you an insight into your gut health, your intestinal lining and make sure that it's not impacting your sleep.

Then lastly is your nutrition. 

Make sure that your blood sugar isn't going from spike to spike, because that's going to first of all and make you super hungry when you have a dip, but that's also going to rise your insulin and your cortisol level and if that happens at night time, it's not going to feel good. It's not going to help you sleep and it might actually wake you up with cravings. That is also something I always look at with my clients, in order to establish a beautiful well balanced diet, that keeps them healthy and strong and is having them to drift into sleep without an issue.

So, if you follow/ investigate those five steps and make sure that they are in tip top shape, than sleep is not going to be an issue. Your life will be so much better, because you will have that energy even after work to enjoy a fun night out with friends or to enjoy your night with your children or to get more work done, if you want to and you don't need to be scared of creating a car accident, because you're so tired and afraid of nodding off on your commute home.

You will actually have fun and enjoy your life so much more and your life is going to be so much longer, because you have taken the time to help your body heal itself night after night. You avoid your body from breaking down quicker; shortening your lifespan.

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