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Welcome to Sleep Like a Boss: Business!

In Sleep like a Boss: Business, we don’t focus on sleep, but we talk about building a business.

As you already know, I am now also taking on clients as a business coach. Clients, who either have a brick and mortar practice, an online business or health business and who want to take their business online, or who already have an online business, but are not making any money (yet). Unfortunately, that happens to be the case, more often than not….

I will share different tips with you every other week. Tips on things that I've learned over the years and help you to get some value out of it. So, make sure you don't miss it!

Here is one of the things that I work on with my mentees: "How do you select the right clients for your business?"

When I started building my team, a lot of people asked whether I was building my own competition?! And the simple answer is no.

Yes, we all work on sleep, use the same process (which is awesome by the way!), but we all attract different people, because we are different people. When you can tap into who you're naturally drawn to and who is naturally drawn to you, that's where you go golden! How do you do that?

The question that I ask my clients is, when you go to a party, who do you end up talking about the universe, peace, dreams and all that sort of stuff? Very often, good coaches are people who can connect pretty easily with people and have super meaningful conversations. They trust each other very quickly, and they listen really, really well. They're usually the people who wind up having those conversations with seemingly random people at networking events, parties, barbecues, you name it…

When I asked this question to my client Bailey, she thought about it and realized that she’s always drawn to creative people. Artists, photographers, designers, tattoo artists, all kinds of different people, yet they always have this creative touch to them. While she was telling me more about them, she realized that they all have a similar mindset kind of hiccup; very often money related or it's a self-esteem kind of thing. They can talk about these things very naturally.


That's not my crowd. It's not who I'm naturally drawn to, and they're not naturally drawn to me, but for her, it's perfect. That's her niche. Bailey is going to work with mainly successful creatives or creatives, who know what they want and need, to get their shit together and get some good sleep, in order to have their creative juices flowing and make a living.

Here’s my little homework for you:

  • If you want to start a business, you need to be clear on this and very often, when you talk to branding coaches, one of the homework is to describe your avatar. Very often, it's our wishful thinking. It's who we want to work with, but that doesn't necessarily mean that those type of people are drawn to us. I find it a lot easier to actually analyze those past conversations and see who was ‘like a moth to a flame’, who came to you naturally, interested, intrigued and trusted you very quickly.

You might find that there is a pattern there. Those are the people that you will be able to impact the most and have a beautiful client - coach relationship with.

I hope you enjoyed this first Sleep like a Boss: Business entry and have found it to be helpful.

I'll be back with more tips in two weeks.

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