How to travel when running an online business

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How to travel when running an online business?
Keep reading and find out all my little secrets.

I am based in Luxembourg, working with clients worldwide, speaking at conferences in Europe, Asia, the States, you name it! Obviously, I have to travel light because my stays are generally short and therefore I have to think practical when I am packing my bag.

Of course, I am optimizing my sleep, as well as my tech package and I will tell you about my go-to travel makeup.

Travel Optimization

  • The right wardrobe. We all bloat during a long flight. I figured out that stretchy, lightweight yoga pants are the best to travel in. Having that lightweight to almost-nothing feeling is key! Check out the yoga pants by Lululemon.
  • Noise-canceling headphones. One thing that I cannot stress enough is traveling with noise-canceling headphones. I adore my Bose ones. Your flight will be so much more comfortable. Even if you're not on a flight, they are totally worth it! I was at the Web Summit in Lisbon the past couple of years, and there are so many people, that at one point I just needed to tune it out. The noise-canceling headphones were perfect for that. They are pricier than your regular headphones, but I would say, they are the most important item I use when I travel.
  • Eye mask. When you are in jetlag mode, an eye mask will help you adjust. Use it during your flight but also in your hotel room, if your hotel room that doesn't get completely dark. My silky eye mask is by Bonsoir London. I always recommend having silk ones, simply because your skin on your eyelids is super sensitive and your eyelashes are sensitive. You don't want to have any chemicals on there or harsh fabrics.
  • The Time Shifter App. When crossing time zones, I don't fly anywhere without my trusted time shifter app. When you sign in on the Time Shifter app, you get one free plan. You fill in your flight number, and it will calculate how many days in advance you have to start adjusting to the new time zone. With a subscription, you get unlimited plans throughout the year. I love the app. It looks super cute and is very efficient. It tells you precisely at what time you should go to sleep, when you should drink coffee, when you should use melatonin, when to avoid light and when to hit your eyes with light. Have a look at the in-depth review I made here.
  • Melatonin. I use the melatonin by Metagenics. I am very sensitive to melatonin, so I only use it when I'm traveling, other people don't feel anything at all. Disclaimer: it's not a sleeping aid per se, so don't use it if you have severe insomnia. Don't expect it to cure you or to create miracles. For traveling, it is excellent because it helps you shift your circadian rhythm or your biological clock.
  • Blue light blocking glasses and blue light therapy glasses. I use my blue blocking-light glasses by TrueDark. They are not the prettiest, but they work well. I either use them or I use my sunglasses. You will see me run around in bright daylight and in the evenings with my glasses on in order to protect my eyes from direct light. The direct light will mess with your pineal gland, which is the gland that is very light-reactive and that rules your circadian rhythm. I will also test blue light therapy glasses on my upcoming trip to New York and will do a detailed review of that shortly. The glasses are by AYO and are the opposite of the blue-light-blocking glasses. They will hit your eyes with blue light. It has been tested so that it doesn’t damage your cornea or your iris, which blue light can do. The blue light therapy glasses have been developed with universities. It's a new generation of light therapy, wearable safe blue light, UV/infrared-free, fully controlled by the free goAYO app and easy to use. It will help minimize jet lag, wake up easier and boost energy.

You can really benefit from light therapy when suffering from delayed circadian rhythm (meaning your internal clock is a bit delayed and you go to bed a lot later than other people do. Say 3 am and wake up around noon. This would be your not-natural rhythm). You can control natural impulses like light artificially and I really find that helps. It also helps when you get up every morning at the same time and hit your eyes with light, especially if you're somewhere where the Winter is really long, and you don't get sufficient daylight.


Tech Optimization

Then, because I am working a lot while traveling, I do have tech that I take with me. (To read what I use in my office please have a look here)

  • Tripod mount. One of the things that I adore is the IPOW mount that I mount on my teeny, tiny tripod. The IPOW allows you to put your phone vertically or horizontally. You can adjust it to the size of your phone. I love this when I do videos abroad.
  • Sound. Obviously sound quality is really important, too. Now if I take my laptop and I do a video that needs to have better sound quality. I use the Blue Yeti nano microphone, which is small, lighter and still has great quality; just like the big one, I use when I am at my office. But that's only if I use my laptop and I need to use it in a combo with the webcam. Otherwise, I use my phone and a little microphone called MV88 by Shure. You plug it into your phone and use the app that goes with it. It records sound a lot cleaner and more polished. I've used this when I had keynotes so that I could record my sound separately because sound directly from your phone is awful. Combined it's really cool.
  • Selfie stick and selfie ring. I use a selfie stick by Foneso. It is very handy, has a self-timer and Bluetooth option. You can also mount it on your tripod. Use a selfie ring with LED light if you do a video via your phone it can help with basic lighting. Selfie ring lights are very affordable and useful!
  • Makeup kit. When I do a day trip or a city trip, I mostly travel only with a carry-on. So, I try to have a very compact makeup pouch by This Is Ground. It already comes with tissues, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. I keep them in there because I like to brush my teeth whenever I arrive and have to rush off to a meeting right away. Even on jet lag. Then I use the Lancôme Teint Idole foundation stick. I love that it's not liquid, and you can get it easily through your security. Next, I use travel brushes by M.A.C. They are super practical! Then I have my regular stuff, such as mascara, cream blush (that I also use as lipstick), some powders and of course, earplugs! Always take earplugs with you!

There you have it! This is How to travel when running an online business. That's pretty much all I take with me when I travel. This way I can continue my work life as an online entrepreneur. Try to avoid jet lag, have the most comfort and still have my tech in check.

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