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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Karin Monster-Peters.

Karin embraces all of her passions into serving her tribe!  In working with highly sensitive parents, she specializes in energy management, stress reduction and life purpose coaching. Because of her background, all her coaching is about: the parent, the sensitive person, the whole person.

Drs. Karin Monster-Peters is an energy management and life purpose coach with a passion to transform lives.

Karin’s background is in psychology, life and parent coaching and energy management. Throughout her professional and personal life she has specialized in giftedness, child development, parenting, energy healing and highly sensitive people. Since 2005 she has welcomed more than 700 families into her private practice.

Driven by past experiences she specializes in supporting highly sensitive parents around the world in creating time, emotional space and clarity in who they are so they can start parenting with purpose and flow and create the lives of their dreams.

Her coaching approach is characterized by an eclectic, intuitive and raw approach to life, parenting and healing: If it works, it works. There is no ideal life, only YOUR ideal life. ”

Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • Karin Monster never dreamed she would be the person she is today.
  • Moved from Dominican Republic to Netherlands at 13 and was very introverted and considers herself to be highly sensitive
  • Discusses the idea of high sensitivity, understanding adolescents and giftedness
  • Life coach of over a decade who went into private practice specializes with healing, and helping gifted parents and adolescents succeed. She has helped people as young as two and a half
  • Her greatest advice? “Sleep more! The main habit that every highly sensitive person needs to work on is sleep!”
  • Sleep is a necessity in self care!
  • SLEEP!!

We’ll cover all of that & more



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