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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Kevin Hale.

Kevin is the founder of Fade Away Sleep Sounds, which is a white noise sleep sound company. They provide “white noise” masking sounds for babies and relaxation sounds for adults.

How we connected

I got to know Caitlin online & we immediately connected as we both work with topics which are still often considered taboo issues & because we both care in a very similar way for our clients. I met her through a programme called Impacting Millions by Selena Soo, which I can highly recommend.

Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • Kevin is leading a double life in a way and he is currently developing his passion which is sleep sounds
  • It is through his own experience with his children that he discovered the power of white noise.
  • Kevin takes us through the science behind this
  • How does his business differentiate?
  • Christine doesn’t let him off the hook and asks all the questions you need to know
  • Kevin tells us about how he is developing products for adults to sleep
  • The difference between white & brown noise
  • Coming soon: music sleep sounds
  • Is it coincidence that a sound engineer is led to doing this? I don’t think so.
  • Request your own song!!!

We’ll cover all of that & more

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More about Kevin

Kevin Hale is a Northern California native and the founder of the white noise sleep sound company, Fade Away Sleep Sounds.

Kevin is happily married to his wife, Cherylle, and together they have two sons.

Kevin started Fade Away Sleep Sounds in 2008, a few years after discovering the benefits of white noise with his own children.

Fade Away Sleep Sounds was originally comprised of sounds from around the house that many parents have discovered worked for their kids. In more recent years other sounds, such as their Nature Sounds collection have been added.

What makes Fade Away Sleep Sounds unique, are the sounds the slow, gradual fade to silence at the end of every track.

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One Question for You to Answer Right Now:

What sound is making you fall asleep the quickest?

Answer in the comment section below, I’d love it 🙂

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