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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Krisha Young.

Krisha Young detests diets. A High Performance Coach and Health Alchemist, she turned her own life around by putting food before pharma, and going with her gut. Literally. Krisha created The Method to reclaim, re-frame and tame the power of the plate. Her world is an insta-smug free zone.

As the creator of The Krisha Young Method, she is known for helping her clients perform their best and take them from feeling exhausted to feeling amazing in their body, mind and soul. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and launched an international health and wellness business that serves clients all over the world, and has also been featured in Huffington Post.


How we connected

I got to know Krisha through our Mastermind with Kendrick Shope and we immediately connected because we care about health holistically and because we saw so many synergies between our work.

I guess we also both like to have a good laugh and always wanted to have ‘The Mansion’ (more on that during this episode.)


Krisha Young Sleep Like A Boss By Christine Hansen Podcast

Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • A steady theme through her childhood? “The Mansion” . . . Listen to hear more about that
  • Actually feeling like crap and gaining 60 pounds was the key to  finding her path . . . on a telephone pole so to speak.
  • Everybody eats but there is more to that.
  • When you feel stuck and everything that used to work to lose weight isn’t working anymore: that is when she comes in
  • Losing weight is not about deprivation!
  • Her goal: helping a million people to become the better version of themselves: Version 2.0
  • Krisha, just like me, combines deep coaching with lifestyle changes
  • The power of boundaries
  • The power of the right question
  • Change your pattern to what you really want to do! Your true you!
  • The Amygdala which can be a pain in the butt
  • Krisha’s sense of time 😉
  • How Krisha makes me eat breakfast every day!
  • You have to work with body & mind!
  • Aaah House Parties back in the day
  • We’ll cover all of that & more


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More about Krisha

High Performance Coach & Health Alchemist Krisha helps people perform their best and take them from feeling like shit to feeling amazing in their body, mind and soul.

She believes that your health is one of your most important assets, and without it you risk being less efficient, productive and profitable. Her decades in the corporate world + her nutrition degree and successful mindset and weightloss methods = a lifestyle strategy that fits into YOUR life and your business, without needing to suck on celery all day long.

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