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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Leimomi Keliikuli.

Leimomi is a Intuitive Soul alignment Coach. She helps soul driven women to uplevel with ease and in epic time by teaching them how to align to their Soul’s divine soul blueprints, to manifest whatever they desire and clearing their invisible soul level blocks to success using the akashic records.

Leimomi shows them how to have it all, step into their Soul aligned leadership™, have more fame and fortune and impacting millions while staying in alignment to their soul’s design.

To add a longer version if you wish about my story:

Leimomi was a Psychic Monk for 10 years from the age of 21, like a mother Teresa making millions for yoga and metaphysical storefronts for a spiritual group. When she realized she was living an unaligned path; she lefted my title, status, and everything behind, married my soulmate, and retired her husband from his 9-5 this past January 2016, am now the sole-breadwinner of my family.

Leimomi’s story of misalignment of expressing an “unaligned” purpose driven path, has lead her to help soulful entrepreneurs to become the embodiment of Source and stepping into their Soul Aligned Leadership into Soul Alignment™ and Business Alignment™.

Some wisdom nuggets heading your way


  • Leimomi grew up wanting to be a dancer, in order to help people in an expressive way, through the body and that is what made her follow up on teaching yoga and meditation, and she was also a psychic monk for 10 years. This journey helped her to get to where she is today and she feels like this is something she is meant to do.
  • Leimomi is an intuitive alignment coach, so she basically helps people get into soul alignment. It is really about getting in alignment with your gifts, taking what you know about your gifts. When you do that, everything will flow underneath that; the way you create your business alignment, the way you focus on what you want to create in your life style or in your business; that all comes from soul alignment. There are a lot of illusions about what spirituality should look like and people are afraid to say that they are spiritual; and that is the first step to soul alignment. Everyone has a higher aspect of what their psychic gifts are and what their soul is meant to do.
  • According to Leimomi when you are in alignment with your soul, when you are connected to your source, you feel like you are on fire, you are more inspired, you are receiving higher vibrations or energy and there is an original content that is flowing through you.
  • If you are driven to find out what is your purpose, the alignment journey gives you all the necessary things, you find your align path. But in the beginning it will feel like you are unsure about yourself. And when you do get into soul alignment it makes you feel very confident, it is a natural thing that you do.
  • There are 10 dimensional aspects that every soul has, and we all experience it all at the same time- the third dimension is our physical reality, the fourth is our thoughts and then there is our fifth dimension that is about things like Akashic records. The Akashic Records are like a library where everything is recorded, every human being. All information is stored there and you just need to know what you are really looking at. The best way to move forward is to release any of the fifth, forth or third dimensional aspects that maybe interrupt our ability to grow on some level. This helps us live our present instead of our past.
  • There are different levels of the Akashic records and when she is working with her clients Leimomi looks for very specific information; like their source original blueprint which is their unique energetic signature. There are seven different kinds of energy: power, compassion, truth, wisdom, self-expression, creation and love. Looking at her clients’ blueprints Loimomi can find out what is their primary and secondary energetic signature. It usually takes about 3 hours for her to explain someone’s soul blueprint. When you are aligned to your unique signature, other people that meet that energy will come to you for help. So, if you know what your energy is you just need to figure out what kind of business would that go with.
  • Leimomi prepared a gift for our listeners- she created a quiz that will capture exactly your unique divine self-expression, what your divine business should look like, and what kind of soul a person is. If you are interested in taking it, visit her website: https://www.leimomikeliikuli.com



How to connect with her:



Your free gift: http://bit.ly/bizarchetypequiz


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