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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Linda Brogan.

Linda Brogan is a multi award-winning playwright. On attachment at the National Theatre, and Contact Theatre, before being produced at The Royal Exchange, The Royal Court, BBC Radio, The Arcola, and The Traverse. Her last play Speechless did a critically acclaimed 4* UK tour.

Her focus: liberation from the constraints of colour, gender and class.

Her new website will be live on 17-10-16, excavating a famous Moss Side cellar club, The Reno, while collecting its dramatic archive, online, strapped to the spine of its 1971 rise to 1981 fall.

Linda can be contacted at

How we connected

I absolutely love Linda who I also got to know from the Impacting Millions course by Selena Soo. She is one of the most generous people in the world and I love her to bits.

I also adore her Northern British accent and I hope it won’t put too much of a strain on your ears which might be untrained to it:)


Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • Linda knew from the start that she wanted to be an artist and she was strong at poetry from the get go
  • She had a troubled childhood but she and her family did the best they could. Listen to how she talks about this in such a genuine way.
  • Having her mother being white and falling in love with her husband, who was black brought up all sorts of difficulties.
  • Linda is like an artistic butterfly and she loves that she is allowed to not always know what she will be doing next. It just works organically. She just goes around understanding things.
  • As an artist is is about asking big questions.
  • She wondered that if she hadn’t known what slavery was, would she have been as unhappy?
  • Her journey of discovering how to write award winning plays
  • Her journey to her true voice. Which lies in an old and shut down nightclub.
  • Finding her voice again, is worth it. And she has sponsorships to prove it.
  • I helped Linda sleep after her being an insomniac for 10 years!

We’ll cover all of that & more

Listen to this inspiring episode with multi award winning playwright Linda Brogan on #Sleep Like A Boss The Podcast

More about Linda

I’m a multi award winning playwright. I create a change by unearthing the truth so myself and my audience can experience their true feelings in private. But know that every one around them is experiencing their own truth at the same time. And leaving that warmth we can have a conversation till that light fades like the spotlight on the stage, but we will be changed forever.

Links mentioned:

Selena Soo

The Reno

How to connect with her:

Linda’s testimonial video

One Question for You to Answer Right Now:

Who are you? And what is that worth to you?

Answer in the comment section below, I’d love it 🙂

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