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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Michelle Brown-Droese.

OWNmba brings tools out of the Ivy Leagues and Ivory Towers to the 99% of entrepreneurs. I am starting with my first online program: OWNmba Revenue Accelerator.

How we connected

I got to know Michelle online through a Facebook group focusing on launching info products & we stayed in touch. We talked about sleep & business and so Michelle is the perfect guest for this show.


Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • How her candy business was quickly shut down by her mom when she was a kid . . . find out why!
  • Her journey from non-profit to getting her MBA and how she is now spreading that knowledge.
  • How can everyone start implementing tools she learned during her MBA
  • Her live teaching and how it inspires her.
  • Entrepreneurship as the giant Equalizer
  • Get a sneak peak into her online course material
  • The main mistake she witnesses entrepreneurs doing over and over again
  • She will present her 12 piece business model at Harvard!
  • Thinking holistically about business
  • Client success stories
  • Ideas to scale your business
  • Michelle and her take on sleep
  • “If you are an insomniac get a kid” 😉

We’ll cover all of that & more



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More about Michelle:

Michelle holds an MBA from Simmons College and certificate of advanced studies at MIT. After obtaining her MBA, Michelle started Surpass Business Consulting, where her passion and expertise have combined with a need to offer REAL business assistance for the 99% of business owners. Most recently, she has developed a new program, the OWNmba, which takes tools from the MBA and modifies them to work for the small business owner. She will be presenting her revised business model at a lecture at Harvard this year!

Links mentioned:

Mainstreet USA

Business Model Generation Book on Amazon


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How to connect with her:

Email her by clicking here


One Question for You to Answer Right Now:

What do you do to remind yourself  in your business that you tend to forget?

Answer in the comment section below, I’d love it 🙂

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