Introducing the new CEO of Sleep Like A Boss: Annika Carroll

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Today’s post is going to be a bit different. 

Sleep Like a Boss was born in 2016.  It took around a year to really get it down to the methodology that we have today. In 2019, we grew our team quite a lot, because I decided to step back from client work and focus more on the role of a CEO whilst starting my new business Christine Means Business, business consulting and coaching. Everything worked fantastic. We had an amazing team, we had our methodology down, but I realized that I actually prefer my new business a lot more.

So, I’ve decided to hand over the company to one of my team members and stay on as the founder and if words of wisdom are needed. 

Today, I want to introduce you to the new CEO of Sleep Like a Boss, Annika Carroll.

Three years ago, Annika packed her bags and moved from Germany to Canada with her husband. This was right after she recovered from her first burnout and this is where her sleep story began.

New Sleep Like A Boss CEO

When her son Henry was born, Annika went from sleeping like a rock to almost not sleeping at all. But as a new mom, she brushed it off thinking that’s what happens when you have babies.  Then she hit her burnout and developed sleep anxiety. She was having panic attacks, being awake from 1am to 4am every night. This is when she decided to change careers; she went from the corporate world, working in human resources to nutrition. But still, a piece of the puzzle was missing. 

Then she heard about Sleep Like a Boss through a podcast and because of her own personal journey, she realized that if she could combine sleep with nutrition and functional testing, and getting to the root cause for people, that's exactly what she wanted to do. All the pieces came together.

Changes at Sleep Like A Boss

Now, the new CEO is not the only change for Sleep Like a Boss. Looking back at 2016 when we first started, our whole team grew much bigger and stronger. Not just in terms of the number of people we have but also in terms of their education, background and specialties.  As a network of sleep experts, they all have different strengths and different backgrounds. This way, we know that we can address any issues that our clients are struggling with. We can brainstorm as a team and  look at it from different angles. 

We have people who have a nutrition background, we have people who have environmental toxicity as a specialty, we have team members who specialize in psychology and trauma. people who do breathwork, and as of recently we have a naturopath on the team. So, we have a whole team of fantastic people who enrich the experience that we give to our clients.

However, some things will stay the same. Our team members will still be working one-on-one with clients. Our biweekly newsletter is not going anywhere and neither is our podcast Sleep Like a Boss

Sleep Like a Boss is obviously my baby. We've had quite a ride and I’m very proud of the company. I think we've done an amazing job serving so many people and it is not easy for me to let it go…but I know that I’m leaving it in very, very good hands.

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