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As you know, I don't believe in competition. I honestly think that every coach has their soul clients and that all clients have their perfect coach. So, I'm really excited to introduce you to amazing people that might be just what you've been looking for.

Riley Jarvis is an internationally renowned Sleep Consultant who has helped high functioning individuals achieve more out of their life and business using cutting edge sleeping strategies and techniques. Riley’s journey started 10 years ago, when he started experiencing extreme energy issues and eventually, he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. He started taking medication but the side effects were just so intruding that he had to take matters into his own hands. 

Prioritizing sleep

He saw a functional medicine doctor, spent hours upon hours researching different medical therapies, different functional medicine supplements, exercise, nutrition, etc. In the end, it turned out that sleep was one of his biggest problems.

At the time, Riley was working in finance, trying to hit one deadline after another. The culture of the corporate world was telling him that he needed to sleep less in order to get ahead. But as soon as he started prioritizing his sleep, he was able to work less and accomplish more. He was able to focus better, to get into the deep work and the results just showed for themselves. Riley was able to fix his sleep and now his Crohn's is 100% in remission for the last five years.


Importance of optimizing your sleep

Riley shares that one of his priorities in working with his clients is optimizing sleep. He helps his clients to optimize their sleep and take it to the next level by using objective data. He uses a number of different tools and gadgets to achieve this, including:

According to Riley, one of the main things that can really improve performance is knowing your chronotype. Chronotypes are the behavioral manifestations of the circadian rhythms we experience throughout the day and the night. They're your internal body clock, helping to determine whether you're a morning person or a night person. You can test this using different genetic tests, like DNAfit and CircleDNA. In order to get clear information from your data, Riley recommends tracking everything for at least 30 days and he encourages his clients not to fixate on the data too much and to go based on how they feel.

Working with different chronotypes

When working with different chronotypes, Riley customizes and tailors his protocols completely to suit the needs of his clients. For him, it's all about managing and optimizing our energy system throughout the day. This is sort of an art and when you master it and get it right for your individual chronotype. You’ll notice a massive difference in your performance. Because even if you make one minor shift, whether it's going to bed just a little bit earlier, or skipping dessert, you can feel so much better the next day. Once you get your first 80%, the last 20% are just 1% optimizations, step by step. Once you get to 90% or above, you're in the sweet spot, not only with your sleep but with your restfulness, energy and metabolism as well. 

With all this being said, it's really important for you guys out there to know that there's a huge difference between sleep optimization and actually sleeping. On one hand there are people who genuinely can’t sleep at all or can’t sleep well; and on the other hand we have people whose data is just off and they want to optimize their sleep. So if you fall into that category, make sure you get in touch with Riley. 

To find out more, head over to Riley’s website and take his free Sleep Nirvana Questionnaire to learn everything you need to know about your sleep.

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