Parasites? Inside of me? Ruining my sleep?

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One of the things that my clients are very often surprised about, is when I tell them that we are going to do lab testing for parasites. Very often I hear, "What do you mean, parasites? I'm a healthy person. I'm a clean person. I wash every day!" The thing is, you can get parasites through uncooked meat, through kissing someone, using different swimming pools etc...

Parasites are all over and 70% of the population has them and I would say 90% of my clients come back with a lab test that has traces of parasites. The lab test I use is called GI-Map, and it basically looks for DNA of different parasites. There are different indicators though that will already tell you, whether it's likely you have some or not, because the downside of this test is you have to know what you're looking for.

For example, if you're looking for H.pylori, or Helicobacter pylori, which is a pretty frequent one, then the test basically looks for that DNA. However, there are other parasites that aren't necessarily being looked for but that you could have. If, for example, your E.coli levels, aren’t ridiculously high, then I just assume that you have a parasite that we didn't look for. If you have Candida, chances are very high that you also have a parasite and the reason why I check for them, is because they are nocturnal.

When they start acting up at nighttime, particularly in the liver at 2 / 3 a.m., it creates inflammation, because your immune system tries to get rid of them and that creates cortisol, which can really interrupt your sleep. In addition, if you have light sleep, it can also keep you from moving from one sleep cycle into the next. That's just one of the things that can happen. It also has tons of other repercussions on how you feel...

I really find that once I clear up the parasites it's super easy and my clients feel a lot, lot better. Check out GI-Map. You can run it privately. I run it as a provider, but you can ask your doctor to run it for you. It's an amazing test!

I love it and it's what I start with and I see it as one of the most efficient things that I do, when I work with  my clients. If you live in Luxembourg, I highly recommend you look into a test called FlorInScan, by Laboratoires Réunis. (A part of it is reimbursable, when you go to your doctor and ask for it).

Some doctors will roll their eyes. If they do, run out of there! Sorry, to be very blunt, but it's being highly simple-minded and very arrogant! I get results every time and I have people who've been to doctors that weren't open-minded and didn't get results and I did.

So, that's just to explain the link to you and what you can do. Of course you can always get in touch with me if you have any other questions!

All right, I hope you have a wonderful start into the new week and I'll be back with you soon!

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