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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Perpetua Neo.

Perpetua works with those who feel (1) overwhelmed by panic and/or anxiety, (2) trapped in an abusive relationship, or (3) lost because something bad’s happened recently.

How we connected

Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • Perpetua’s idea had also been to dive into corporate . . . which didn’t really happen but to enjoy her work had always been the plan
  • The story of the starfishes . . . listen to it!
  • Seeing people doing what they don’t really love she decided to have a life that has meaning.
  • Entrepreneurs and high achievers really resonate with her and so those are her main people she works with
  • The biggest difference between women and men is the language we use to describe them and to treat them so it sets a context on how women see themselves. Use the word ”just” a lot?
  • We can play big based on who we are and what we do
  • Men tend to interpret success mainly based on their effort, women mainly link it to luck, studies show
  • Catch22: do you help women navigate those stereotypes? Even though they shouldn’t even have to?
  • *Info on WED Luxembourg changed by the time the event took place
  • We are conditioned from our patriarchal past but can we do to break through those psychological barriers?
  • Don’t beat yourself up! Listen why.
  • Watch what you are saying.
  • Tip: record yourself to discover your fillers and ‘belittlers’
  • Perpetua helps you to get free of overwhelm
  • Or she helps you to get to your goal
  • You are worthy
  • Interestingly enough we share a lot of similar type of clients

We’ll cover all of that & more



More about Perpetua

Dr. Perpetua Neo helps high-achieving female entrepreneurs and corporates to achieve more and live more, by beating themselves up less, so they become transformational leaders who own their stories. She combines coaching and therapeutic methods to produce quick yet deep changes.

Educated in Cambridge and UCL, she understands the high-achiever. She also writes for The Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen; and has been spotlighted on The Levo League, Forbes and EliteDaily, to name a few. If you feel (1) overwhelmed by panic and/or anxiety (2) trapped in an abusive relationship (3) lost because something bad’s happened recently, get in touch to write your next chapter.

Book mentioned:

Mind Over Medicine by Lisa Rankin

Free gift:

How to Change a Limiting Belief 

How to connect with her:




One Question for You to Answer Right Now:

What can you change when you are talking to not belittle yourself?

Answer in the comment section below, I’d love it 🙂

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