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Have you ever wondered how to do proper PR for online businesses?

How do you make money and have a great business, work as little as possible, and make a good income? Who doesn't want that!?!

The issue for a lot of my business clients when starting their online business is that they don't have testimonials. Even once they start working with people on very specific topics, that can range from bowel issues, digestive issues, linked to a lot of farting to libido issues most clients don't necessarily want to testify about it because they don't want everyone to know their problem. Also, I charge a nice amount of money for my service, and some clients don't want everyone else to know that they spent that kind of money on their sleep.

So, how do you get that testimonial for the PR of your online business?

Let me show you what I did in order to get instant credibility and to replace my first testimonials. (Yes, it took me some time to get them as well.) Focus on Media.

In order to propel your business into the next orbit and to get credibility as quickly as possible, media has to be your priority! Going to your website, and seeing logos from the following is golden:

  • Forbes
  • National Geographic
  • The Guardian
  • The Independent

and podcasts like

We call that street credentials. That is what people know. That's what they trust.

PR for online businesses

Now how do you get that?

There are different ways of doing this, but what I want you to understand is that it doesn't take long. It only takes you a few months of commitment. I spent three months really focusing on publicity, which basically means two days a week when I was pitching blog posts, and where I was pitching online magazines like "mindbodygreen", "Huffington Post", "Reader's Digest", "Brides magazine" etc.

All of those things happened very quickly. I was pitching podcasts with bespoke personalized pitches and it helped me so much. It really opened up a whole new world, because very quickly people found me. Google loved me because those sites would then link back to my website. Journalists looking for sleep experts would also find me a lot quicker. They still do and I don't pitch anymore. I have people asking me for a quote for my expertise. 

It doesn't take too long, nor does it take too much effort, but it is an amazing return on investment.

I learned all my stuff from the amazing Selena Soo with her program "Impacting Millions". It's only opening once a year and right now in March, it's launch time. She does offer a publicity checklist for free. You can download it here. I would highly recommend you do this.

The order of things I found the most interesting is podcasts. Funny enough, in Google, being referenced to from a podcast has ranked higher than from blogs or newspaper outlets. I'm not sure why and I don't understand the podcast analytics. But I am not complaining!

This might give you an idea of where to start:

  • Check out which podcasts have an audience that would benefit most of your expertise.

And that's how you pitch it:

  • Take the work away for the podcast host, by carrying the heavy lifting. This means you want the host to have you as a guest so that your audience can be wowed by his connections and by your knowledge.
  • Listen to those podcasts, listen to a couple of episodes.
  • Write the pitch in reference to specific moments in past episodes that you enjoyed and then say, "Here are three things that I think your audience would really enjoy. What do you think? I'd love to work with you. Here is a scheduling link or just email me back if that's something you want to investigate further."

I work on pitching to podcasts with my mentees, and we customize their pitches. Interested? Have a look at my business coaching program and if you have more questions about PR, get in touch with me and I will be happy to help!

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