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Let’s talk about Public speaking for your business and how you can use it to market your business.

Public speaking is one of my favorite things to do. In a prior life, I was a teacher! I don't mind getting up in front of people to talk, although every time I do it, I freak out for the first five minutes. It’s just part of it!

How can you use public speaking for your business to make money and more importantly, how do you get clients from it and to step up your reputation?

There are different things to public speaking:

  • you can do keynotes
  • you can do workshops
  • you can even do masterclasses (webinars)
  • you can also consider podcasts as public speaking

Let's look at WHY you should be doing it.

When you start with public speaking there can be two different reasons:

  1. You want to get paid for your public speaking as a speaker 
  2. You want to get new clients.

Here's the hard cold truth: In the beginning, nobody will want to pay you and rightfully so. It will take a bit of practice and it will take the pressure off you in the beginning when you start your speaking gigs. I started doing workshops in order to get clients and that converted a lot more highly for me than the actual speaking fee, as from the beginning of my sleep coach career, I charged a certain amount. What you can do and what I found to be very helpful is “Lunch and Learn”.

Lunch and learn is where you go into a company and do a 30 to 45 minutes workshop and a Q&A on a certain topic. For me, sleep was something that worked really well. Whatever you do, you can match it with something that a company cares about. It could be productivity, memory improvement,  energy, making more money, being smarter... the possibilities are endless. Whatever you do in the realm of health it is going to be connected with one of those points, and this is where copy comes in. Pitch your copy and in the beginning, you can even say that you do it for free.

To get clients through your speaking gigs, there's a way of seeding little hints throughout your presentation so that people don't even notice that they want to work with you. Depending on who the company is, you put their logo on your website. You don't necessarily have to say that they were your clients, but you can say that you have impacted their company. Which you did, through your speech and you impacted their people with your knowledge. Have a look at my website and you will see all the companies that I've worked for in the past. I held workshops with all of them and got clients through it afterward. Ernst & Young, Deloitte, The European Investment Bank and so forth… Having big names as references for other people or companies to see, when they check you out, gives you credibility. Especially in the beginning when you don't have too many client testimonials. It will give you a certain reputation and credibility.


Getting paid as a speaker will demand that you have a certain experience. I would suggest you do free workshops in the beginning, in order to test your talk; to see what works and what doesn't.

Podcasts are just as much public speaking as anything else. Research different podcasts that you would listen to if you were your client. See what the iTunes recommendations are. Write them down, go to their website, listen to a couple of episodes and pitch them. Make it personal. Tell them which episodes you like the best and tell them why you would be a great asset to be interviewed for their audience. It will help you to practice your story, your workshop that you can also slip into a keynote. You will know what works and then from there, you can evolve.

Now, there is a whole science to the way that you structure your speech. I have to give kudos to Pat Quinn who's working for Pete Vargas. They created this entire program called, Advance Your Reach. They teach you how to seed little seedlings, so to say, throughout your presentation. In the end, you want to close with having your people (audience) do something. Whether it's reaching out to you or even purchasing something. Your audience will always have two types of buyers:

  • people who choose with their hearts 
  • people who choose with their heads

Keep that in mind! If you do have a closure make sure it is emotional but also factual. Both elements need to be in there! (I do teach how you can do that to my private business-coaching clients!)

How do you get those speaking gigs? Reach out to HR of those companies. In the health industry, there is almost always a designated team that is working pro bono in a big company for health and wellness. Usually, they have zero budget and, in the beginning, you do believe them. After a while, I just call bullshit and I tell them I only do free speaking for charities and present them with my speaking fee. Until now I never had them say "no, then we don't want you". Usually, they come back and say "okay, we can do that". But in the beginning, if you didn't have enough experience, do it for practice. They will jump on it and they will invite you most of the time. Have a look at rotaries or Lion's Club. Go out there and practice. Personally, I do like the corporate environment, because most of the time they are neglecting the health topic, and because they have this free kind of workgroup who is usually more than happy to invite you in, which heightens your credibility.

I hope "Public speaking for your business" has been helpful and has motivated you to start your research. If you have any questions or are interested to learn more about my business coaching program, please reach out to me. Remember to check out more business tips on the blog!

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