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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Sarah Reed

Sarah is a coach’s coach.

I help health experts and healers develop success in their beliefs and strategies so they succeed in their business and truly create a life they love. My mission is to support 10,000 women in wellness by the end of 2017 to share their story and spread their message out in a powerful and courageous way to create a positive ripple effect of health in the world.

How we connected

Sarah and I connected through Kendrick Shope as we were in the same Mastermind and she helped me a lot to develop myself and get unstuck. I can thoroughly recommend her as she is the sweetest and kindest and bad ass person I know.


 Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • Sarah always knew she either wanted to be a priest or a rockstar . . . and she has achieved that . . . somewhat. Listen to find out what she does today!
  • Even though she calls herself a mindset coach what she really does is helping people with their beliefs and she uses a lot of neurolinguistic programming, the science of how we believe.
  • Most of what we do every day is guided by our subconsciousness. 95% of our actions are happening through our subconscious. So we tend to get stuck not taking certain actions because we are held back by our beliefs. Changing those beliefs will hence open up a whole new area of possibilities.
  • That voice in your head that is kinda dictating your life? Listen, is that your voice? And if it is not? Whose is it? Tell it to bugger off!
  • Our subconscious also has habits and well tread paths that it is reluctant to change.
  • Don’t know what is stopping you from your greater vision? Ask Sarah to help!
  • Overthinking vs just acting, polite vs impolite?
  • It is totally acceptable to have strong desires.
  • Let that desire thrive.
  • If I am too happy something is going to ruin it. Now replace it like this. Take a painful moment and remember: If I can experience so much pain I can experience the same amount in happiness.
  • I know I can enjoy this. It is mine.
  • You are on this earth to BE HAPPY why else would it feel so RIGHT?
  • Sarah had a very interesting “night time” job … listen to find out
  • Healing, Wellbeing, Immune System development and such is happening in states of joy, relaxation and so on.
  • And don’t forget 77% of diseases are stress related
  • Happiness = Pro Life
  • FREEBIE TIME (check link below)

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CLICK TO TWEET: That voice in your head that is kind of dictating your life?
Listen, is that your voice? And if it is not, whose is it?

More about Sarah

Sarah Reed has been helping women step out of the shadows and into their spotlight for over 25 years. Professionally, she climbed from movie ticket-tearer to sitting on the Board of Directors of two multi-million dollar worker-cooperatives while her time off was spent singing in bands and helping other women rock the stage with her.

Sarah works with women who have a big vision but don’t know why they aren’t doing it. Together Sarah and her clients find out what’s in the way and make IT happen. You can learn more at and join her movement on Facebook at

Links mentioned:

Lynn Grabhorn – Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting:

Bruce Lipton – The Honeymoon Effect:

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