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Welcome to this very juicy blog post…. Thank you Valentine’s Day, for being just around the corner!

Let’s talk about the obvious topic: Sex and Sleep and why you should get a good snooze on before you get your socks on or the other stuff…. you know, whatever rocks your boat!

Let me share with you the science behind why it is absolutely worth having a good snooze before Valentine’s Day or in general and what the effect of sleep issues or conscious sleep deprivation might have on your sex life.

First things first, whenever we sleep, especially during our deep sleep, we get a lot of reparation done. Due to different reasons, we have hormone levels that will go out of balance during the day: Stress, Excitement… come night time, during deep sleep, they basically re-calibrate. Now the problem however, is if you don’t sleep enough. Your body doesn’t get the time to re-calibrate all of it and then you are also much less resilient towards stress. One of the effects is that suddenly our bodies start to prefer the stress hormone like cortisol over our steroid hormones or sex hormones, like testosterone and estrogen.

The side effect of that, is that you will have a loss of libido. In short, you will basically not feel like having a go on. You just won’t feel like it, which is a shame. Even if you manage to do it and say okay it’s Valentine’s today and it’s this once a year thing, I have to do it…

Hopefully that’s not the case! You want to enjoy it and in order to do so, you will want to have energy. It’s making you feel more awake and it’s more motivating. Studies have shown that people who’ve had a good night sleep are much more motivated to have sex in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening… It pretty much doesn’t matter when, they just have the energy and motivation. They’re just hornier. Whereas, people that are sleep deprived, don’t feel like it. If they do, it’s more a “let’s get it over with” mood: I know the moves, tuck tuck tuck and we’re done!  You obviously don’t want that!

You want to enjoy your sex life with your partner and so, sleep, is for that scientific reason and for your energy levels in general, a little priority that you should think about.

Having said that, sometimes it can go the other way around. Sometimes we have a hormone imbalance: an estrogen or testosterone imbalance or other steroid hormone imbalances and that is affecting our sleep. If that is the case, sleeping can of course help, but you would like to sleep but you can’t… and that is when you come to me, because I can help you get that back on track!

There, now you know what to do! You have a couple days left to prepare and I hope you have lots and lots of fun! Let me know how it was … by sending me a quick message and letting me know if you had fun and if you had a good snooze beforehand and afterwards.

Wishing you a wonderful day and a beautiful, exciting week!

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