Should I niche my online business?

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To niche or not to niche! It's one of my favorite topics to talk about because my niche is sleep and it's very particular.

In “Should I niche my online business?”

I will share with you what I often see when doing website audits. Generally, people go way too vague and target too many people with their business.

Currently, apart from being the CEO and founder of "Sleep Like A Boss", and mentoring private clients for business coaching, especially online entrepreneurs in the health and personal development sector, I'm also running a mastermind together with my friend Kendra Perry. Most of our mastermind participants if not all, run online health businesses. At the start of the mastermind, we did an audit of their websites and discovered that 90% of them had way too vast of a target audience.

Their copy, which is the text on their website, would say things like "I can help you with stress, fatigue, bloating, migraines, thyroid, Lyme disease, joint pain, lack of energy, joint pain, lack of energy, brain fog, sleep issues, digestive issues". That doesn't work! When someone visits your website and sees that list, it will sound an alarm bell. It's too much!

Should I niche my online business

  • How can you deliver on all of these things? It either means that you're not good at anything in particular, or you're just tooting your own horn and it's a scam. So that doesn't work and it's not what you want.
  • People get overwhelmed. They have too much going on in their lives and have a very short attention span. If they need to figure out if they are a good client for you, they are going to drop it. They will google again and click on the next website, where it's clearly speaking to them.

I know, it is scary to go from a list of ten things that you can help with, to one. Our brain is telling us "you are eliminating all of those people that you could help!!" That's true. But, don't forget, as an online entrepreneur your main reference and referral partner is going to be Google. That's just the way it is and Google wants things to be specific. You want to feed it information so that people type in their niche problem, leading to you.

Don't forget how many people there are in the world!

I could call myself a life and health coach. I help with sleep but I also help with digestion, fatigue, and all the things that I mentioned in the beginning. But, I get all my clients because I'm very niche and I get more than enough of them! There are hundreds, thousands, millions of people dealing with sleep issues. You just have to trust in what you do, especially if you had an issue yourself, you know there are huge communities out there. So don't feel that you're limiting yourself.

Also, when you create your content, you can still mention all the things that you know you can help with. You just have to link them to your niche. For example for me, it's thyroid and sleep, parasites and sleep, minerals and sleep, leadership and sleep...  This is going to drive traffic to you through your niche. People will land on your website thinking "Oh my god this person is reading my mind, this is exactly for me, I want to talk to them!"

That's how it's done! If you need more help on this topic or if you have no clue how to do this, please reach out and consider business mentoring with me. I'm not someone who's going to sign you on a year-long program with me. On the contrary!  I really believe in laser-focused coaching for a shorter time, while we actually get shit done!!  I hope you enjoyed “Should I niche my online business?” and if you want to get in touch, email me.

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