Sleep and mental health

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In today’s episode of Sleep Like a Boss, I am talking to my wonderful team member Bailey Guilloud about the most fascinating aspects of sleep for her

sleep and mental health

After working successfully as a mindset coach for over two years, she realized there is a huge need for a mind & body approach to sleep coaching. She implements a holistic approach combining science and stress resilience while acknowledging that sleep is physical as well as metaphysical. She believes that sleep is a “big picture problem” and it needs to be worked at from every angle.

There is not one psychological disorder that is not associated with sleep disruption, so we know that they are extremely closely related. We know that so many people are having sleep problems, we know that so many people are having mental health problems. It's estimated that 16 percent of American adults experience depression at some point in their life, and this goes hand-in-hand with our sleep problems.

There are a lot of different systems in our bodies and the imbalances in those systems can impact your mental health and therefore impact your sleep. It's been hypothesized that there are all these chemical imbalances in your brain that are affected with depression, but the reality is that it's a way bigger picture than just the chemical imbalances in your brain.

sleep and mental health
  • your gut is linked to your brain and carry sensory information from your gut to your brain and this can influence your brain within seconds of eating something that you're sensitive to
  • your hormones can cause depression and mood swings, a lot of people experience PMS but it's something that you don't need to experience- and this could be related to high or low cortisol levels, high or low progesterone levels, high or low estrogen levels. High or low testosterone and this can all be related to how your neurotransmitters received this information from your hormones.
  • When all of these different systems are in sync, you are lively, you have the most energy but when one area is off, it can take down your whole system. It could make a huge impact on how competent you are, how productive you are, how much you attract abundance, etc.
  • Two other systems that are extremely important when it comes to sleep are our mineral imbalance and thyroid. We have all these minerals that play a role in our systems and we need them to be in a balance. If you are lower in something, like magnesium you are susceptible to anxiety and depression, because your body is not working at a full capacity.
  • It’s the same with your thyroid. These changes affect how are neurotransmitters play out and your imbalance can make you more susceptible to depression.
  • However, balancing all these out can make you more stress-resilient and therefore improve your sleep.

It's really important to get a big picture looking at all of these things including how you deal with emotions, your lifestyle choices, and your nutrition. 

Big picture is the answer for improving your sleep.

If you've been listening to the series and you think that Bailey is a good fit for you, you can book a call with her via our Sleep Like a Boss Team Page. She'll interview you and you can see if you qualify to work with her as a client. If you have any other questions, you can reach out to her there as well.

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