Sleep does not need a brain

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New research came out this year stating how we don't even need a brain to sleep. This is obviously huge when it comes to sleep science, because when we think about sleep medicine and sleep science we envisage a lot of cables leaving our brain.

Sleep is still a new science

Sleep science focuses a lot on neurochemistry and neurobiology. But these studies that involve no brain at all, show that when your sleep is an issue it's not always brain related, sometimes there is more to it.

In this new study, they looked at a very primitive creature, deep in the ocean called hydra. It's basically a teeny tiny creature that doesn't have a brain, but they have seen that it goes into a pattern of rest that is very similar to sleep and actually qualifies as sleep. At that moment, the muscles and other tissues have similar reactions and produce similar chemical reactions that we see in people and in mammals. 

Sleep doesn't need a brain

  • It means that sleep is still a new science, compared to other parts of our being or of our body.  
  • It also means that sleep is something that's important for the metabolism, and that's what this kind of new research is really going towards as well, that our metabolism needs sleep, whether it has a brain or not.

That is also why at Sleep Like a Boss, we do focus on all of our metabolism, not just the brain but also our gut, our cellular health. We make sure that it is in complete alignment with what we are doing. So, I'm very excited about this and hopefully you are too. 

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