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In this episode of Sleep Like A Boss – The Podcast I am talking to Tepsii.

Tepsii is a Soulful Business Strategist and an expert Copywriter who infuses love and light into her interactions with clients and “followers”. Since launching Tepsii.com she has written sales copy to help 100+ clients establish premium brands and help them make over $3million dollars collectively.

You can find Tepsii sharing daily mindset, business, branding, and copywriting advice with15,000+ fans on various platforms and in her Facebook community, that you can access at CopyBesties.com.

How we connected

I got to know Tepsii online & actually got to know her a lot better just before and during our interview. She is a beautiful and amazing person and I can promise you she will have the sun rise in your heart during this interview.

I met her through a programme called Impacting Millions by Selena Soo, which I can highly recommend.Sleep Like A Boss Tepsii

Some wisdom nuggets heading your way

  • – Getting out of the patriarchal stereotype
    – From copywriter to life coaching to hair & skincare line
    – How thinking that the stereotypical route is the only one can stop us in our tracks
    – ‘I just believe in you’
    – ‘Just listen to this voice and do it’
    – ‘I bring soul & love to the entrepreneurial space’
    – Helping and coming from love and soul makes all the difference
    – The business incubator idea
    – Combining Mindset, Confidence & Visibility
    – all of this for other people —> no! Tepsii helps to get away from this train of thought
    – ‘I love my clients’
    – How she is falling in love all the time 😃
    I love you how can I help you
    – In Christine’s native language there isn’t even a word for the verb ‘love’ whereas in Tepsii’s there is no word for ‘like’ but only ‘love’
    – the social deprivation of love
    – How your not ideal client can save you tons of frustration
    – Whenever we do something out of the box there is a trend to feel that it is not really valuable.
    – Afraid to make a profit or make a sale “Who am I to charge?”
    – Sometimes you have to change your entire self-image
    – To go from visualisation to step into it
    – Why sleep is such a valid business (words I needed to hear heeheee)

We’ll cover all of that & more



More about Caitlin

I started out as a copywriter and very quickly became booked solid. After a year (& 6-figures) in business I decided to launch a business incubator. I opened up spots for 15 women and sold out. That was my first almost 40k month!

I just launched my second round and raised my prices – by almost double. This one a 30k launch. All this with a tiny email list, and relatively small following. I just concentrate on making people feel seen, heard, and understood.

I am soulful, spiritual person so I infuse that and mindset into my teaching. I’m not religious, but I’m tuned into my spirit.

My clients say that while working with me they feel an overwhelming sense of love and light. They feel inspired to create from that place and are keen to collaborate rather than compete – because there’s room for us all.

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