The story behind Sleep Like a Boss

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Today, I am going to tell you why we at Sleep Like A Boss, really differentiate from general sleep experts and coaches. I want to share with you my point of view as the CEO and the person who developed the Sleep Like a Boss Method.

The story behind Sleep Like a Boss

Sleep Like a Boss actually started out as Sleep Like a Baby and was founded by me, Christine Hansen. I started out as a baby sleep consultant in Luxembourg, Europe. I had a baby and was really scared that she wouldn’t be sleeping well. So, I got deep into everything about pediatric sleep and I loved it. I implemented loads of the things that I learned along the way and my daughter was a brilliant sleepy-baby.

Soon after, I realized that so many people need that kind of sleep help and I also loved the idea of owning my own business, of being my own boss. That never occurred to me before. I was in a very traditional job; nothing rocked the boat. It was literally a call of passion that made me create Sleep Like a Baby. But there was a problem: I'm not a baby person. After a year I let myself off the hook and allowed myself to change direction.

Sleep coach with a twist

I decided to continue with sleep because it was a topic that was so interesting and honestly, I knew that there was a huge need for it. But something was missing. I knew that I didn't just want to be a coach who was giving advice. 

I knew that, for the people that I wanted to work with

  • lifestyle tips on their own were not going to be enough
  • stress resilience on their own, was not going to be enough either

But, I didn't know what was missing! 

I took a lot of certifications and one of the most important one for me personally was Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, which allowed me to truly understand how the body was working and how all these different elements were connected. 

It helped me 

  • understand the connection between hormones and sleep 
  • how to run lab tests to not only see how many hormones you have, but how your body is using them 
  • it allowed me to see the connection

In addition to these tests, I added 

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Stress Resilience 
  • More specialization in nutrition, to make sure we can really have everything beautifully wrapped up

I did that for a few years and I loved it. But at the same time, I really understood that to me building the business was a lot of fun and I wanted to have people working with my clients who really enjoyed that type of work.

the story behind sleep like a boss

The Sleep Like A Boss Team

That is where my team came in. They are awesome super-smart women (don't have a man on our team yet). They love sleep and they love our clients. 

It was a perfect situation. I trained them in the Sleep Like a Boss Method© and every year we add continuous education courses. It doesn't stop, we get more and more knowledgeable each year.

That is why we are so different 

  • We are running the lab tests
  • We can compare your results
  • We can really pinpoint what's happening, which gives you a lot more confidence and helps us to be confident too.  

We know that every single time we will find something. Never have we  had a client who had a perfect test result; even if lifestyle and nutrition were both great. 

That is why we are unique in the world, which I love to say (because it's true)! We love what we do and are proud of what we do. 

Important to remember when working with Sleep Like A Boss

Please understand that we will not be able to give you a diagnosis. We are not doctors. We won't be able to give you a whole suggestion protocol based on one email. 

I invite you to have a look at our team’s page (did I mention that we have coaches all around the world who speak 7 different languages?) See who resonates best with you. Who is the practitioner you think can work with you best and then book a call with them - explain your situation to them, they will listen to you and see if you guys are a match.

Want to get in touch?

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