Top Tips for peaceful sleep

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How we talk to ourselves can interfere with our sleep in many different ways. Our mindset, our mind frame, our inner voices, our worries or anxieties all affect our sleep. So, today I want to share with you a few pieces of advice that I've seen help my clients live a much happier and sleep-friendlier life.

Reasons for a disturbed sleep

Let's start with a premise that I see a lot of the time and that is that we are unhappy. There can be a number of causes for stress and anxiety in our life:

  • it can be our private life- our family, or not having a family,
  • our friends
  • it can be our work life-our job, our employees, our team that we're managing; or
  • it can be just us


Tips for a peaceful sleep

1. Be gentle with yourself

I'm very guilty of this! I tend to be quite strict with myself and get back into the old mold that I was in. That mold was about academics; if you are great at academics, then you are worth more! Meaning, if you get a certain job then you’re worth more and I connected that to self-love and self-value. So, even though I've done a lot of work on this and I shed a lot of that bulls**t and I'm really happy, I do still get triggered by a couple of things and end up falling into the comparison trap.

One tool that I use a lot is my journal. Journaling has helped me tremendously over the last year. Whenever I feel anxiety come up, when I feel that I'm not very happy with myself or with what's going on, I go back to journaling, and it really, really makes a difference.

Be gentle with yourself! Sometimes, it's enough for me to not even believe it but to write it down in order to then actually absorb it and understand that I need to do this.

2. Evaluate whether you can control something or not

If you can't control it - it's none of your business! Detach yourself from it, and literally don't make it your problem.

You choose how you feel about something and how you act about something. Yes, consequences will happen, but you do have a choice. So, if you can't control something, you can choose how to feel about it, and you can choose whether you have a reaction to it. Learn to let go of having to please everyone, because in the end, nobody's going to ever walk in your shoes, and if anything was made really apparent over the last year, it's that we only live once and we live on borrowed time.

Think about what choice will make you be more at peace. You, nobody else. And then take that choice.

3. Try to be in integrity and in alignment as much as you can with whatever you do

Again consequences will happen, but it is much easier when you are honest to yourself, and when you make your decisions out of integrity to you and your values.

Sometimes we don't even know what our values are, so I'm really inviting you to journal about that or take a walk and ask yourself those questions.

  • what are your main values
  • what is something that's just a “no go” with you? 

Then actively distance yourself from situations where you are in contact with people who are not living according to your values, or in alignment with your values, and you will see the toxicity around you will lift and it will be a whole new life. You will draw more people in that are exactly like you.

I am very much aware that this is a little bit spiritual, but I do feel that with maturity spirituality just kind of comes along and it makes for a much happier life and hence a night of much better sleep.

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